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Yoga is a system of meditative practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. Hatha Yoga emphasizes the physical practice of yoga asana (yoga poses, originally meaning the "steady seat" one takes when preparing to meditate) as the process of purification necessary to experience the divine.

The countless varieties of asana, or poses, very familiar today in popular culture, are highly beneficial to physical well being when used as a system of exercise. This, however, is only the most mundane application of yogic practice. The asana are a gateway to mastery of body and mind, which is the first step towards discovery of the eternal soul and, ultimately, enlightenment.

In a guided yoga session, we will start with an opening meditation and pranayama (breathwork), then move into the asana practice. Asana can vary from gentle and restorative to a vigorous flow of poses, depending on your preference. We will then close with another meditation and/or Savasana (resting pose) to integrate the physical practice.

I am available for group or private lessons in Yoga. Watch for public classes in the future.