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Week 12/31/2018-1/6/2019


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Tuesday 01/01/2019 9:49:24pm Pacific – Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (11d 31m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Conjunction – conception; fertilization; start of a new cycle, which may take the form of a quest, project, idea, the start of a relationship, or a new phase in an existing relationship

Degree Symbols: Charubel – A spacious park with a baronial mansion in the background; Kozminsky – A man in full armor, visor up, holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground

The Sun-Saturn cycle of aspects from conjunction to conjunction is typically a few days longer than a year from start to finish. The Sun represents the intellect or consciousness and its ability to synthesize many different lines of perception into a unified whole. This is like the senses of sight and touch being combined as one attempts to comprehend a physical object. The input of the eyes reveals one part of it, and the textures and gravity sensed by the hands and fingers reveal another part, and the logical mind makes deductions based on these. The sum total of this process is the essence of the Sun’s symbolism, which is the spiritual faculty of “knowing” something – that is, experiencing it as something alive and dynamic in the consciousness, something beyond sight or smell or touch and even beyond the mind, something greater than its mere physical parts. The Sun asks, what is this person or thing to me, and what is the nonmaterial or energetic essence that we share?

Saturn represents a limit or boundary, be it imaginary or real, theoretical or actual, mental or physical. That we are spirits inhabiting physical bodies imposes limits upon us – we must eat food to live, and we must walk to move from one place to another. There are many things we come to consciously realize we can never do – if we try, either nothing will happen or we’ll get hurt or die. Early on in the Earth game, this is projected in many places in our lives. We put up signs that read “go no further than here” or “don’t go there at all, ever.” This is for a number of reasons, primary of which is to help ourselves survive and thrive, but also to keep ourselves sane and able to focus on what is realistically attainable versus what is likely or definitely unattainable. Sometimes what was only meant to be a temporary “no” sign remains in place long after it has been useful to us. It becomes a source of fear and trepidation, paralyzing us through aversion to the warning rather than the reality of the source of possible danger. Saturn thus helps and hurts us, but of all the lights and planets and the various meanings behind them, its essence has perhaps the greatest potential to hold us back from personal growth. Saturn is worthy of its reputation as the “greater malefic” in that what it symbolizes can easily convince us to quit before we even try.

With the Sun and Saturn conjoined, we have an opportunity to shine light on the “do not enter” signs that we have put up on the pathways of our own physical and subtle landscapes. The conditions present in the conjunction provide the factors at play in this cycle of increased knowing. In the second decan of Capricorn, we can get a very good look at the long haul ahead of us in facing and reconfiguring our core wounds. Perhaps the greatest breadth of vision of cold hard reality is available in this sector of the zodiac, but we must choose to see and to accept rather than turn away or project falsehoods. There is one thing on the road immediately ahead of us, and it may be ugly and daunting, but in reality it is nothing but “us” in a different form, wearing a disguise. We have put it there, and we have the power to transfigure it into something less limiting, but first we have to see it, we must know our enemy – the width and the breadth of it, and everything it touches. With this Sun-Saturn conjunction close to Pluto and forming a fairly close sextile with Neptune, we are empowered to see below the surface of the disguise and perceive the nuts and bolts of our own self-destruct mechanisms so we can begin to take them apart. As I elaborate on in my upcoming write-up of the January 2019 eclipses, both Saturn and Pluto play a major role in the astrology of the following sixth months and beyond, leading up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 which will occur with the Sun only a degree away, making the year ahead a process in getting to know how these three factors act on and with each other. As the New Year begins, look ahead of you at what you see in the way of where you are headed. Ask questions. The answers you receive may surprise you.