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Week 12/24/2018-12/30/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Friday 12/28/2018 1:30:58pm Pacific – Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (18d 52m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Sextile – Catharsis following letting go or acknowledging the passing away of something; initial vision and planning for a new, upcoming cycle

Degree Symbols: Venus (Kozminsky) - A double-headed giant, in his right hand a great club, in his left a tree - roots and foliage; Pluto (Charubel) – A ferry boat in the act of taking people across as a wide deep stream

Venus and Pluto conjoined on 1/9/2018 in the second face of Capricorn. This is a place where we take on very long projects, ones that will usually see much time pass before a great deal of noticeable process is made. Such workings require not only fortitude here and now in order to do the work steadily, but also adequate foresight and knowledge of self to allow for a mapping out of phases. Implicit in this mapping process is an understanding that certain actions are only possible now, at the current level of growth and awareness, and the rest will have to wait, perhaps for a time that exists in a very different set of circumstances later in this life, or even a future life altogether – that is, somewhere else in our greater karmic cycle. Venus is the principle of attraction, Pluto the principle of transformation, and so this round of aspects will see us transform our ability to attract transformative processes that have the potential to go on for a very long time – as long as they need to – but first we have to be conscious of what it is in us that is transforming and how we can maximize that transformation for the greatest possible benefit. How far are we looking under the surface of what it is that we physically or emotionally desire? Do we properly understand the root of our desires, or are we content only with satisfying them on a superficial level without seeking a deeper wisdom of why the self is being experienced as incomplete? Are we capable of transforming cravings for external things into a surplus and a self sufficiency that allow us to share in a spirit of fairness and reciprocity instead of taking joy primarily in taking? Are we able to learn how to slowly but expertly merge the best of what we are with the best that others share with us in order to bring ever higher forms of beauty and grace into existence?

This is the last Venus-Pluto cycle of aspects that will begin in the 10 to 20 degree span of Capricorn for hundreds of years. We must therefore take notice of a great opportunity available here at the approaching sextile, because a new phase of growth is eminent in February 2019 when the next conjunction occurs in 20-30 Capricorn. What have we done and how far have we come since December 2014 when the first Venus-Pluto conjunction in these degrees occurred? How have we grown in our relationships, and are we ready to assume the responsibility of what it means to really, truly merge with someone deeply on a spiritual level? Can we move out of physical and emotional possessiveness and move towards more selfless and more self-assured expressions of love? Implicit in this sextile is a chance for a greater knowledge and possession of who and what we really are, so we can see the shared kingdoms of our dreams materialize when we are ready for them.