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Week 12/17/2018-12/23/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Thursday 12/20/2018 8:21:32am Pacific - Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries (28d 44m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Trine – Equilibrium after completion or crisis; observing and gaining perspective; level setting and integration

Degree Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) – A chariot, decorated with garlands of flowers, broken down on the roadway; Uranus (Kozminsky) – An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great patience

This Sun-Uranus cycle is likely to have found reflection in many lives with an attempt to bring something new into existence, something highly unique that each individual touched by this conjoining can bring into manifestation. This is in line with a deep soul urge or desire and is therefore backed with ample amounts of the energy and passion required for it to be realized. The following opposition in October occurred alongside the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon, and in this more earthy and fertile axis of energies, the electricity of that initial conjunction had maximum potential to be born, or at least set the stage for the future growth of the initial idea or project.

As the Sun now begins to draw close to Uranus again in this approaching trine, Uranus is close to the position it was in with the initial conjunction, and we are treated to a very clear and helpful perspective of what we have dreamed of accomplishing this year and what we have done in order to get there. With the Sun in late Sagittarius, the outlook, while positive, is colored by the sum total of experience gathered during this year, and indeed, over the course of one’s lifetime of attempting to give live blood and flesh to the pictures, words and songs that burn so brightly in the soul’s eye. If you are weary, as many of us find ourselves to be in December, this is the perfect time to look back at what has been done well, and done right, or even simply done, and congratulate yourself on instances in which you have shown fortitude and determination. Take some time to celebrate, including friends, loved ones, and co-creators if possible. Use this aspect in this way to gain the mental and emotional strength needed to continue the journey refreshed and with renewed confidence. The Universe is overflowing with the energy to hold you up, so be sure to tap into it now, when it is so very accessible!


Friday 12/21/2018 8:21:32am Pacific - Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (13d 54m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Trine – Equilibrium after completion or crisis; observing and gaining perspective; level setting and integration

Degree Symbols: Venus (Sabian, M.E. Jones version) – Telephone linemen at work. Keyword: Attachment; Neptune (Sabian, M.E. Jones version) – Lady in a fox fur. Keyword: Tastefulness

In the Venus-Neptune cycles initiating in Pisces, there arise opportunities to look beyond our ordinary, everyday experience of the physical realm to find new and renewed ideas of what it is to be beautiful and to have a sensory or sensual understanding of reality. The initial conjunction for this cycle began in the middle of Pisces and happened to touch all the other planets and the luminaries by major aspect with the exception of Uranus. It was conjunct Mercury and (very widely) the Sun; sextile the Moon, Pluto, and Saturn; square Mars; and trine Jupiter. This being the case, we can expect that the whole cycle and the fruit that it brings forth will be especially notable. The opposition in late July 2018 occurred with helpful aspects from Jupiter and Pluto and indicated bringing forth a transformation of self or of something in our lives that brought us a keener sense of refinement and improvement of our own personal processes of quality control – what we allow in and how gracefully we move or remove what doesn’t belong.

As Venus comes around to Scorpio in this trine, it’s notable that she’s in the same degree that Jupiter was in at the time of the July 2018 Venus-Neptune opposition. Here we can take the time to observe what it feels like to have a sense of harmony - careful placement and arrangement of components - that reaches deeper and sees below the surface, detecting the more subtle energetic flaws that we were previously unable to sense. The sextile of Saturn and Pluto to Venus suggest that we make or solidify connections with people who have something of solid physical value or experience to help round out our perspective and our efforts. Use this aspect to tap into the Venus power of attraction and cohesiveness. If there’s someone you’ve been thinking of, now is the time to reach out to them. If someone comes to you out of the blue, pay attention to what they’re bringing into your life, but also be sure you make the effort to see who and what is really there rather than only seeing what you want to see.


Friday 12/21/2018 8:21:32am Pacific - Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius (9d 35m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Conjunction – conception; start of a new cycle, which may take the form of a quest, project, idea, the start of a relationship, or a new phase in an existing relationship

Degree Symbols: La Volasfera – A full moon shining in a clear sky; Kozminsky – A large metallic ball reflecting various colors

With Jupiter in his domicile and in reception by term with Venus, and Mercury in his own face, this is a highly beneficent and helpful conjunction, and we can expect big things from the entire cycle of aspects that will follow. Mercury is the logical and linear mental faculty in humankind, while Jupiter is the principle of growth that brings humanity to seek a more evolved and divine nature in the physical. Mercury analyzes. Jupiter makes things bigger. Sagittarius is the plane of energy that they are working in, and it represents the whole spectrum of what is different, more profound, more universal than what we are currently working with, and the subjects which involve the seeking of the universal that humanity is engaged in – religion, philosophy, law, ethics, medicine, any subject that is meant to improve physical and nonphysical human nature. In Sagittarius, there is an excitement to expand beyond the boundaries we know and find people and situations that are outside of our current paradigm. An encounter with someone or something truly foreign means that we need to learn to speak a new language, and Mercury loves language! This means getting our brains to work differently, to change how we think so that we can more quickly and more fully grasp new ideas and concepts, which in turn will make us more complete and integrated people. Yet like any aspect, this can work in the reverse as well, and make us susceptible to untrue thinking. This conjunction occurs over the fixed star Antares, the heart of the constellation of Scorpio, which can bring Mercury to thought and speech that is false or accusative, and Jupiter to blind faith or an unhealthy degree of ideological zeal. In early Sagittarius, Mercury is the great propagandist, more concerned with investing people with excitement about an idea than the nature or quality of the idea itself. It is therefore important that we use discernment during the time that this conjunction perfects, staying aware of what we are starting or investing our time in on a practical level so we don’t get carried away with something that is ultimately a waste of time and energy, or worse. The Moon in Gemini opposes this conjunction which itself is a quickly passing influence due to its celerity, but it does increase the changeability of the conjunction, lending it a lack of focus and a propensity to jump from one thing to the next too quickly. However, with the right amount of attention, this aspect may be suitable for changing gears frequently and maintaining both focus and enthusiasm, allowing for maximum productivity.

The most accessible feature of this aspect is a truly infectious excitement for diving into the unknown, which can give a grand start to any new adventure or breathe life back into a relationship or project that has lost steam or direction. We can actually become smarter people if we follow this aspect cycle consciously because our minds and their capacity can grow tremendously. There is an overwhelming amount of positive, exciting energy available to tap into here – find somewhere good to put it and watch the sparks fly!


Monday 12/24/2018 4:31:58pm Pacific – Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (13d 57m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Square – Letting go; adapting to new circumstances; final dissolving of one working and initial indications of what is next

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Carelli) – A master holding an open book in a very untidy but not uncomfortable room; Neptune (Kozminsky) – A number of stevedores loading a ship at a port.

With Mercury and Neptune having initially come together in Pisces (February 2018) in a position that also aspected most of the other planets, the ensuing cycle was all about bringing a logical order to chaos, learning the power of speech and thought to alter reality, making it more or less favorable depending on the quality of the ideas that are being impressed upon objects of concentration. When Mercury moved into Virgo in September and opposed Neptune, we were challenged to bring complex yet highly spiritually charged impressions into physical being, putting them in an order or schema that gave them a practical use or functional outlet. In the mutable realm of these signs, this was more likely to be an internalized mental process that, if successful, ultimately allowed for improvements to one’s system of understanding and processing subtle energies and notions.

In the approaching square, Mercury, posited in Sagittarius, brings our eyes to the horizon, looking for existing systems of philosophy and belief that will allow further clarity to be gained in relation to the elevated subject matter that has come into consciousness. Since the approaching square is about integrating what has come forth with the preceding opposition and clearing away any debris or excess energy left over from that event, this is really about putting what we hold as “truth” under scrutiny, refining our individual philosophies about the world based on the new perceptions and data that, once vague and undefined, are now more evident in the workings of our lives. This in turn will facilitate quicker and more efficient ways of conceptualizing and applying what is coming into and flowing through us from beings and places unseen. Take some time with this aspect to think about how your mind has expanded to embrace the infinite since February, and what you may need to reconfigure or release in order to continue to consciously understand and channel a higher conceptualization of the universe.