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Week 10/29/2018-11/4/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Monday 10/29/2018 4:04:33am Pacific – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio (27d 49m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Conjunction – conception; start of a new cycle, which may take the form of a quest, project, idea, the start of a relationship, or a new phase in an existing relationship

Degree Symbols for Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction: La Volasfera – A rocky eminence out of which is carved a cross in stone. It stands against the rising sun as if haloed in divine light; Kozminsky – A sailor steering a ship in a rough sea, looking anxiously ahead

Due to Mercury’s next retrograde period which runs from 11/17/2018 to 12/6/2018, this is the first of three Mercury-Jupiter conjunctions, and the only one that will occur in Scorpio, as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on 11/8/2018. Note also that this Mercury-Jupiter cycle (beginning here and ending with the next Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in January 2020) frames the entire time that Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, but the cycle does not begin or end in that sign. Scorpio and Capricorn therefore act as symbolic book ends for what will be created, revealed and processed between these planets between conjunctions. With this conjunction there is a movement from darkness and chaos (the end of Scorpio) into light and sure aim (Sagittarius), and so, finding ourselves in the darkness preceding light, we will have to stare down and transfigure the darkness within, always remembering that the existence of such darkness does not make us flawed or weak, it makes us whole. This third decan or face of Scorpio is a place of turbulent waters, symbolizing the aftermath of the union of two beings, ideas or elements, as well as the emotional and psychological processes that accompany their movement away from each other. Inherent in this distancing is navigation and processing of the psycho-sexual debris of longing, fantasy, and obsession that brought about the realized union.

This is a difficult place for both planets, neither of which have any essential dignity here. Mercury represents the literal, thinking mind, while Jupiter symbolizes the limitlessness that the literal, thinking mind cannot grasp or quantify. Mercury scrutinizes and makes schematics; Jupiter defies schematics and grandly moves things towards their maximum potential. Together, they will become easily enamored of the snares, dead ends, and labyrinths that they will find here. Seeking distraction or escape can be dangerous, and intoxication and fuzzy thinking should be avoided, because the temptation to flesh out complexes and fantasies from the past that we have forgotten or overcome, or new ones that have been dormant in our consciousness, can be very strong. There is help, however, because although this conjunction makes no close major aspects to any of the other lights or planets, there is a bright beacon of hope and inspiration in the chaos that must be ironed out here, which is a trine to the centaur object Chiron, currently retrograde and in the late degrees of Pisces. Chiron offers initiation into our own mysteries. If done with a clear mind and sharply focused intention, some very profound work on the psyche can be done with this aspect and the cycle that it kicks off. Beyond the choking smoke and the broken fragments of mirrors, the roots of our most limiting, wasteful and self-destructive urges are lain bare. We can begin the process of digging up these roots, exposing them to the light, observing their origin and their evolution, and using the wisdom and perspective gained to begin to take them apart, liberating ourselves bit by bit as this Mercury-Jupiter cycle continues to unfold. This is a difficult process that will rattle even the most self-aware person’s universe, but the positive transformation that is possible is well worth the pain and the toil.


Wednesday 10/31/2018 1:44:53am Pacific – Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus (0d 15m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Opposition – reaping of what was sown at the conjunction; manifestation and the celebration of a job completed, or conflict and disharmony due to unexpected or undesirable results

Degree Symbols: Venus (Sabian, M. E. Jones version) – A slight-seeing bus. Keyword: Friendliness; Uranus (Sabian, M.E. Jones version) – A clear mountain stream. Keyword: Resourcefulness

The conjunction between these two planets that began this cycle occurred in late Aries on 3/28/2018, where a new cycle in relating began, forged in the adventurous spirit of pioneering new relationships or braving fresh and ways of connecting and co-creating with people. The sign change from Aries to Taurus represents a shift from the new and unknown to a stable and predictable pattern that will yield maximum growth. With Venus and Uranus aspects, we are challenged with opening our hearts completely, even in the face of the entropy, chaos, and disruption that must eventually find its way into the mix, which is a law of nature. Change is the only constant, and Uranus is an agent of change. Venus represents our urge to be an equal partner in an exchange, to give and receive fairly and evenly, and on a more evolved level, to allow this to happen organically, feeling the gifts of exchange rise out of us and then sharing in true generosity of spirit. Venus acts gradually and through constant attention to maintaining harmony and equilibrium. Uranus operates very differently, introducing sudden and dramatic change so that more space and new possibilities are made available, freeing the mind to reconfigure and improve its complex workings. Venus and Uranus combinations are common in major changes to relationship dynamics, reflecting a restlessness that arises from an unwillingness to allow a relationship to change, grow, and evolve in ways that are necessary for the relationship to remain healthy and mutually beneficial.

The second opposition coming together today is a culmination and continuation of the symbolism of the 10/24/2018 Full Moon, which featured the Sun near Venus and the Moon near Uranus. As we come around to the quarter waning Moon and this exact Venus-Uranus opposition, it will be important and helpful to think back on what came up for each of us mentally and emotionally during the Full Moon, and by extension, what has been happening in our relationships since March. What aspects of one or more of our relationships coming into a predictable, perhaps even restrictive pattern? What could be reconfigured for both people to continue growing and evolving, both as individuals and as co-creators?

Before it is over, the Venus retrograde will bring us a total of three Venus-Uranus oppositions, two in Taurus-Scorpio and the final one in the last degree of Aries-Libra. This symbolizes the realization of a special connection to one or more people in our lives and the opportunity to reconcile major differences in life philosophy and deeply held opinions in our relationships in a way that allows for tremendous personal and collective growth. It can seem as though the people we love or we work closely with cannot possibly understand parts of us that we have a strong desire to share, creating frustration that can cause us to shut down the process of relating or even walk away. The movement from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra across these three oppositions gives a chance to move out of rigid and limited ways of relating, seeing the reality behind our desires and the desires of others, figuring out what is truly needed and what is mere projection, and finding the courage and eloquence to communicate and share our process with the people in question.