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Week 10/22/2018-10/28/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Monday 10/22/2018 12:13:29pm Pacific – Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (18d 52m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Sextile – Catharsis following letting go or acknowledging the passing away of something; initial vision and planning for a new, upcoming cycle

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Carelli) - Cerberus...a dragon with three doglike heads...hell['s] doorkeeper; Pluto (La Volasfera) – A rocky eminence in the midst of a turbulent sea

The Mercury-Pluto conjunction beginning this cycle took place at the very end of the second decan or face of Capricorn, where the schematics for underlying structures of things are developed. In the context of these two planets in an approaching sextile, this can be the start of a reconfiguration of one’s relationship with money or wealth, as Mercury is the ancient significator of the exchange that takes place in the process of buying and selling, and Pluto rules, among other things, the managing and acquisition of shared resources. With Pluto also being the factor of death and rebirth, which in a wider sense is a part of the process of evolution, we can alternately see this representing the practical concern of whether immediate or more long-term concerns are taking precedence in one’s overall approach to life, or if a healthy blend of “now” and “later” are in play or need to be further analyzed. Generally, the theme of movement of or change to some grand, underlying structure in one’s life is suggested.

As Mercury nears completion of a circuit through the zodiac to meet slowly plodding Pluto at nearly the same position of the preceding conjunction (albeit a different degree), we can take a step back from any hard or tumultuous work we’ve done to frame the future - securing or storing funds, finding a more affordable, desirable or permanent place to live, or otherwise mapping out grand designs in our lives. What is the meaning or purpose behind our big plans in life, and has that meaning changed at all since the plan first became important to us? Some works are so big, so voluminous, that they can end up becoming part of our identity, define us in a sense. In this way, it may seem impossible to change trajectory on some undertakings even if we want to, or if we do, a big part of us is subject to passing away, which can be a worrisome prospect. On the other hand, it’s very liberating to remember that even the longest roads we walk and the most extreme burdens that we experience are ultimately temporary, and need not have any power over the mind or the spirit. Use this eye-opening sextile to think about what it means to you to truly be free, and what it would take for you to experience ultimate freedom. How can you be a fully liberated being, here and now? What is the next major cycle of mental transformation that you’re currently stepping into, and how can you step into it with power and self-assurance? Wherever you are in the longest journeys in your life, come back to being fully present in the journey that is your life.


Tuesday 10/23/2018 5:46:43pm Pacific – Sun in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus (0d 33m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Opposition – reaping of what was sown at the conjunction; manifestation and the celebration of a job completed, or conflict and disharmony due to unexpected or undesirable results

Degree Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) – A man, enraged, tearing a book in pieces; Uranus (La Volasfera) – A woman of pleasant face, neatly attired, stands holding a sword, whose point is earthward. Her head is kissed by the meridian Sun, her face is towards the north.

The Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries beginning this aspect cycle back in April of this year emphasized a spirit of fierce independence, offering an invitation to blaze a trail in a field of action where much is unknown to us. Such a prospect is both exciting and risky, but of course the extent of the risk depends on how radical of a path is chosen and how far down that path we go. As this was the final conjunction in Aries for some time – almost certainly in the lifetimes of those reading this – this is a now or never moment that will touch each of us in different but stunning ways.

The opposition brings forth manifestation of the promise of this aspect cycle, releasing the energy gathered during the arc of movement completed by the Sun as it has moved to stand 180 degrees from Uranus in the heavens. The movement of these bodies from conjoining to opposing has reflected a need that all human spirits have – the need to accomplish something distinctive that bears our unique signature, and a recognition of the effort necessary to see it through to the end. With Uranus now in Taurus, we see the first of the fruits of this planet-sign combination come forth, which will continue in many varieties as the Sun and other planets begin and complete multiple cycles with Uranus in this sign. The first decan or face of Taurus shows us the importance of hard work and the great value that the fruits of one’s labor have, invested as they are with the very lifeblood of the hands that caused them to rise from the soil. The Sun in opposing early Scorpio is invested with strong appetites and the drive to seek far and wide for the objects of desire. The high energy spirit of trailblazing gives way to the backbreaking work that it takes for something unique and noteworthy to be made manifest. What is born here is the pathway itself, the vision of the vast plain that must be crossed in order to truly be our brilliantly shining selves and to manifest that sense of self in our actions. Inherent in this moment is a decision to stay the course or go in another direction. While the right answer will vary from person to person, honesty with ourselves regarding true motivations, the extent of resources, and how much faith we have in ourselves are the keys to making the best decision.


Wednesday 10/24/2018 5:51:30am Pacific – Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn (4d 22m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Special case – due to the Venus retrograde, this is the second of three Venus-Saturn sextiles, with the first one (approaching sextile) occurring on 9/12/2018 when Venus was in direct motion. The third and last one (approaching sextile) will occur on 12/16/2018.

Degree Symbols: Venus (Sabian) – A massive rocky shore. Keyword: Stabilization; Saturn (Charubel) – A very small unpretentious window in the wall of a massive tower.

Venus and Saturn are arguably the two most “Earthy” planets, and indeed, they each rule an Earth sign. These two planets last met between 0 and 1 degree Capricorn – a heavy and highly chthonic place in the zodiac where the deepest mysteries of physical form and corporeal existence are explored. How much of our human existence is the body, the impressions received through the physical senses? How can we inform our souls with the senses without enslavement to sense experience? Where did the conscious essence capable of sense experience congeal before birth, and what will it become when we expire? This cycle is about seeking the answers to these questions, which will lead to knowledge of what is vital for each of us to explore and achieve during our lifetimes.

Now Venus approaches the second of three sextiles with Saturn, a repetition caused by her retrograde (backwards) motion through first Scorpio and then Libra. The final sextile before conjunction of two planets is a catharsis, an opportunity for purification and clarity of vision prior to the start of a new cycle. We get three of these opportunities with Venus and Saturn exchanging glances between Scorpio and Capricorn – three golden opportunities to look at what lies ahead and to align our motion forward with what is coming in the most optimal way possible. Part of that is a final letting go of what has come together with the series of aspects that have occurred between these two planets that is incompatible with our vision or with present conditions. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, and the claws are holding on tight – there may be an impulse to back away from letting go, from letting the Saturn energy do its thing as reaper and boundary setter. It can be hard to admit that we can’t always have our cake and eat it too. This aspect can be a helpful cue to consider where in our lives we have let the seeking of pleasure, possessions, aesthetic comfort, or physical wealth take us somewhere that we don’t want to be, or somewhere that we recognize as not serving us very well. The quest for satiety and the cult of happiness can run even the noblest soul ragged, masquerading as the one true answer we’ve been seeking while leading us astray from people or causes that are really important to us. There is an excellent chance here to remember and reintegrate with a very long journey, be it just begun or long traveled – the journey to achieve something that shines in our soul’s eye. In continuing on, we need to ask that part of us that can give a clear “yes” or “no” how best to proceed. Once we do that and realign accordingly, we can trust that all the tools we need will be available when the time is right.


Friday 10/26/2018 7:16:00am Pacific – Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio (3d 6m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Conjunction – start of a new cycle, which may take the form of a quest, project, idea, the start of a relationship, or a new phase in an existing relationship.

Degree Symbols for Sun/Venus Conjunction: La Volasfera – A lyre, upon the arm of which there hangs a wreath of laurels; Kozminsky – a Sword maker tempering a sword.

As Venus moves close to the Sun during her retrograde phase, both she and the Sun are in the sign of Scorpio, where Venus is in detriment (opposite Taurus, one of her domicile signs). The quest for harmony and beauty that is the hallmark of Venus is challenged by the heavy, ponderous nature of Scorpio. Venus likes to take pleasant strolls to appreciate the scenery, but in Scorpio there is no choice but to dive straight in and go to the very bottom, the very edge. In Scorpio, Venus must find beauty and harmony in emotional tension and conflict, the violent antipode that happens when things that simply cannot mix come into contact, resulting in inevitable repulsion. She cannot win the day with charm and manners here, like she is accustomed to; she must look underneath the pretty veneer and deal with the vermin of packed away negativity – anger, fear, sadness, and all the things people do to indulge in or hide from such feelings in relationships and in dealing with ugly and truly difficult situations. When two people or ideas merge together in the energy that Scorpio symbolizes, it isn’t a halfway operation – it’s complete, total, visceral, and it’s only through hard work and purity of intention that we can come out on the other end with something better than what we started with. Venus is in deep, dark water here, looking for people or ideas to bring together when most of what she’ll be presented with is discord and appetites that can seem impossible to satisfy.

Venus needs all the help she can get to find the elusive but invaluable gems that are embedded deep in the cavernous walls of the Underworld. This conjunction with the Sun can light the way to those gems. The Sun is consciousness, synthesis, the higher intellect that binds all things in the universe. New levels of intimacy in relationships are only reached by facing and sharing where we feel incomplete and determining how someone or something can be a part of our path to completion. Our own path to completion may or may not weave together with that of a particular person, environment or situation in ways that we deeply desire, and we may or may not be ok with that. An important component of this riddle is that no human being will ever be perfectly complete; it is our incompleteness, our imperfection, that makes us human and that gives our lives meaning and adventure. As the Sun conjoins Venus, we can assess relationships and discordant situations in a new light and use this moment of clarity to shine awareness on the mystery of possession and desire. Inherent in this mystery are the ways (healthy and unhealthy) in which we have sought to indulge desire, the instances where we have mistaken fantasy for reality, and the quest to bridge even the most abysmal of gaps in order to reach the heart and soul of the real human on the other side who is just as flawed, confused, and incomplete as we are. Put heart first, then head, and even in the pit of despair you cannot go wrong.


Saturday 10/27/2018 7:51:55pm Pacific – Sun in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn (4d 38m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Sextile – Catharsis following letting go or acknowledging the passing away of something; initial vision and planning for a new, upcoming cycle

Degree Symbols: Sun (Sabian, original version) – A massive rocky shore. Keyword: Stabilization; Saturn (La Volasfera) – A small cottage with wide open door

The Sun and Saturn are two sides of one of the many symbolic coins in astrology – light and dark, life and death, protagonist and antagonist. At the start of Capricorn in the conjunction that this cycle began with, they represent the birth of the self or ego and the journey to self realization (Sun) which is by its very nature fraught with challenges (Saturn). There can be no growth of consciousness without someone or something to push along that growth. When we come into full realization that we ARE the challenges that come to us, we have reached a significant level of mastery. The next step is to be fully present in each and every phase of those challenges, knowing instinctively not only what to do, but when.

This, the approaching sextile, is a time of releasing, but in that releasing, we come into the first budding of awareness of the possibilities that are on the horizon – here, a greater flow of creativity, generosity, and love straight from the heart (Sun) with those energies optimally mapped and channeled (Saturn). To move into the new, we must finish processing the old and put it into the proper perspective. The Sun now glances at Saturn in forward motion (the only motion possible for the Sun and the Moon, which never move retrograde) following retrograde Venus’s second of three sextiles with the same planet, and the Sun’s conjunction with Venus which began a whole new cycle of learning to fully experience beauty, love and relatedness. The theme of illumination of the heart is thus continued, here burning away the chains and confines that have limited our ability to share our hearts without fear. The Sun illuminates, Saturn throws up shadows which can either snuff out illumination or find balance and greater strength by mixing with it. Sun in Scorpio is illumination of the depths of the psyche and all its profound complexities and extremes; Saturn in Capricorn is sublimation of the ego for the purpose of ultimate mastery of the physical plane. These signs have the theme of extremes in common, Scorpio emotional and Capricorn physical. The combined energy is perhaps best harnessed by stripping away the unnecessary complexities that the human mind is so very good at endlessly creating. What we have here is hunger – the very basic appetites necessary for human survival and the continuation of the body. It is important to satisfy our appetites consciously, recognizing everything is driving that whole process. If we can find self awareness, meaning, stability, and especially gratitude through our rituals of maintaining the body, we can also release many anxieties we may have, subconscious or otherwise, around feelings of lack of self worth and fear of loss of control. The land, the sky, the sea, and the elements give with a grace and a wide open flow that is endless and infinite. Let the energies of your heart freely flow as this sextile comes together, allow blockages to come to the light of your awareness, and make friends with those blockages, thereby doing what you can to clear and restructure them.