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Week 10/15/2018-10/21/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Friday 10/19/2018 2:46:55am Pacific – Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (14d 3m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Trine – Equilibrium after completion or crisis; observing and gaining perspective; level setting and integration

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Kozminsky) – A large ship ashore on an ironstone coast, waves dashing over her; Neptune (La Volasfera) – An arrow in flight passing through a cloud of smoke

Mercury is the rational, waking mind, while Neptune is the subconscious, dreamy or subtle state of consciousness which either complements or conflicts with the action of Mercury. With both planets in Pisces, which Neptune has modern rulership of, Neptune is at home in the ever mutable waves of the ocean, while Mercury, in detriment and fall in this sign, is literally and figuratively out of his element, treading water and unable to fly quickly forward in a straight line from one thing to another as he would normally prefer. Mercury here, up to his ears in the waters of Scorpio and Neptune/Pisces, will try to make linear mental order out of emotional and symbolic chaos and try to transmit messages through smoke or a thick bank of mist (a mixture of air and water). The Mercury-Neptune conjunction beginning this cycle back in February 2018 was conjunct Venus, who has exaltation in Pisces, and this was also when a Venus-Mars square was happening, so there is a pronounced element of two very different but complementary beings, ideas or forces trying, with difficulty, to effectively work with one another. This also happens to relate to the theme of the second face or decan of Pisces where this whole Mercury-Neptune cycle begins and ends, which is the act of reconciling one’s experience of apparent reality with the subtle yet overwhelmingly grand nature of the infinite. Because this is a move from chaos into an attempt at logic and order, Mercury is troubled here, but the overall motion is in an orderly direction, which shows us that the trine will be used best by starting from twilight and chaos (Neptune) and moving into logic (Mercury), facilitating a hand off in this order. Thus the Mercury-Neptune action in Pisces, if to be harnessed in any useful way, will require us to first release our dependency on linear, logically minded thinking or movement and consider how else we can conceptualize our reality and allow movement of information both between the unseen world and this world, between our own right and left brains.

Here in the closing trine, Mercury’s last conjunction has been with Venus, planet of relationships and the arts. Next is the conjunction with Jupiter, putting Mercury in a very favorable and balanced position, because in analytical, practical and truth-seeking Scorpio, Mercury will not be so easily swayed into the non-realistic and overly idealistic energetic imprints of the two combined benefics. The imminent square with Mars seems to be more helpful than harmful regarding this Mercury-Neptune trine, emphasizing a cutting edge to intellect, a seeking of the heart of the matter and the solid even-mindedness of the fixed air sign, Aquarius, that Mars is now in. Mercury will also sextile Pluto shortly, allowing him to spot the nuggets of gold in the walls of the otherwise hard to navigate labyrinth of the underworld of forbidden emotions and passions. All of this lends towards a well grounded yet highly resourceful Mercury that will be able to fetch magical words from the appropriate realms at the appropriate times, and then make useful formulas and spells out of them. Poetry, music, the rhythmic motion of melody – finding messages in synchronicity and emotional or even energetic impressions – will be a good way to work with this dynamic. Trines are the most harmonious and perhaps most immaterial of the major aspects, working in a lighter, quicker, yet also less concrete way. Working on bringing forth our mythic storyteller selves, our poetry, our songs can help us bridge disparate planes of reality during this liminal month in which the bounds between dimensions are said to be the thinnest. Tell your stories, sing your songs, and write your spells while this door is cracked open, as this is a time when we can really access the best of both worlds.


Friday 10/19/2018 10:23:03am Pacific – Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius (14d 31m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Approaching Square – Letting go; adapting to new circumstances; final dissolving of one working and initial indications of what is next

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Kozminsky) - A large ship ashore on an ironstone coast, waves dashing over her; Mars (Charubel) - A beacon light on a high rock

The conjunction beginning this Mercury-Mars cycle occurred in a position with indications of protectorship, guardianship, and vigilance. This combination of energies makes for a relentlessly active and sharp mind, with a sometimes equally sharp tongue. In Virgo, this means that criticism given or received can be constructive and helpful, or biting and reproachful. Either way, feedback given or received has the potential to be perceptive and useful, and the relative stability of this sign allows us to be reminded that criticism, despite whatever intentions may lie behind it and whether it is self generated or coming from an outside source, can always be seen simply as information which is available to assist us in refining our understanding of self and our place in the universe. The tremendous strength of single minded focus is directed inwards, into the viscera and minutia that make us who we are, and with this there is the power to cut and burn away the bad and reconfigure and transfigure into something that works better for us.

Mercury is now in the Mars sign of Scorpio, where one-pointed focus on a single topic becomes greatly magnified. Having just met in a trine with Neptune and charged with the dreamy and greatly inspired waves of that planet, that inspiration is now given an energetic magnification and blast off. This can either be an immolation of what has been brought forth from the unseen in the fires of self doubt and overreaction to adversity, or it can be an alchemical furnace that carefully and thoughtfully brings it to just the right temperature for facilitating transformation. The fixity of Scorpio and Aquarius lends stability and staying power. In the second decan of Aquarius, Mars is in Mercury’s airy realm of thoughts and words, sundering false or useless notions, breaking up outmoded or badly assembled mental constructs, and maybe even separating existing dynamics between people that aren’t working well, allowing a snapping out of senseless inertia. From there, better, healthier connections are then possible. Allow this aspect to find reflection in your life in a laser-like focus on how best to use your mind and your speech, wielding those tools like a surgical instrument to reshape your world and your relationships rather than allowing anger, fear, and excessive ego to set you back. Consider how you can provide assistance and guidance with directness and honesty, to say difficult words that need to be said. Think and speak in the spirit of correcting what is wrong and getting self or others on the most efficient path rather than bogging everything down with more attention on shortfalls and mistakes than on what is being done right. Don’t get caught up in the need for eloquence; think and speak from the heart, and share.