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Week 8/20/2018-8/26/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Saturday 8/25/2018 9:27:39am Pacific – Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (2d 26m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) - A young woman working at a spinning-wheel by a cottage window, which opens on a smiling garden in which bees are flying amongst the flowers; Uranus (La Volasfera) - A woman is gathering grapes, with which she fills many baskets

This aspect – one half of a Grand Trine between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus – mirrors us bringing the focus of our awareness to the small, intricate details in our work and in our relationships with people that we share the precious hours of our labor with. Something magical happens when many hands share the work that it takes to achieve a common goal. The very best innovations and improvements happen through the merging of many ideas and minds. In a society that values individuality very highly, it can be easy to forget that even the personalities that we have become are the products of many hands moving and many deeds done, let alone the very best things that we have conceptualized and brought into manifestation. Even if there was no one else actively helping us at the times of the big triumphs in our lives, the energies that they have exchanged with us are very much present, informing and infusing the current moment and circumstances that we find ourselves in. Take time with this aspect today to consider how someone has helped to improve you or something in your life. Give thanks in whatever way you can. This will make way for the blessings of many more skilled and busy hands in your future.


Saturday 8/25/2018 3:07:11pm Pacific – Sun in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (2d 39m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Charubel) - An elephant with his castle on his back; Saturn (Kozminsky) - An old man seated on a throne in the clouds with his right foot on a sword. A large bright star is above his head and two pillars of light are on either side

In this opening trine, we can integrate the best of what both the past and the future have to offer. Seeing the fruits of our labor and recognizing that they are good and have been worth the hard work we have put into them, our vision is both focused and far reaching, allowing us to gauge what is next and how we can get there as quickly and effectively as possible. This aspect is happening in the late summer as we approach the harvest, when those who grow grains see the crop swelling bigger and bigger. It is a time of appreciation when we should give gratitude to the Earth, which gives and gives and asks nothing in return. In the element of Earth, there is the power of accumulation – the ability to grow and gather resources. The Earth gives, and it is a unique human ability (and perhaps even our duty) to look after the Earth and to intelligently manage its plentiful resources. In the Earth there is also memory, and as the Sun sees earthy, slow Saturn, we can acknowledge and take cues from our teachers and mentors, those who will gladly show us what they have experienced and learned so we can move ahead confidently, avoid common mistakes, and experiment when appropriate. As this aspect perfects, look at what you’ve gathered and built this year. Congratulate yourself on what you have done well, and begin to gather energy for the next stretch of the journey, preparing well for when you may need to halt at times, conserve energy, and even double back.


Sunday 8/26/2018 3:07:11pm Pacific – Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (19d 3m)

Degree Symbols: Venus (Kozminsky) – A young girl amidst the flowers in the sunlight wearing a garland of roses and weaving others; Pluto (Kozminsky) – A girl carrying a bowl of water into which are reflected the rays of the setting sun. All around is darkness

As Venus continues her return to a conjunction with Pluto to begin a new cycle, we come to the closing square, where the excess energy left over from the climax of the cycle (the opposition on 6/5/2018) – must be reabsorbed or repurposed. The new or reformed structure now in place experiences a challenge to its strength, integrity, and usefulness. Venus and Pluto aspects reflect the energy exchange that occurs in our relationships as well as the environments we create for ourselves or otherwise find ourselves in (or more specifically, our experience of those environments as being a good or bad counterbalance to our bodies and minds). Ultimately, both Venus and Pluto seek balance, but the approach is almost completely the opposite between the two planets. Venus is polite, diplomatic, and seeks the path of least resistance, always attempting to attach something that is in a state of disharmony wherever it has the best hope of returning to equilibrium. She will not lessen, force, or destroy anything. In contrast, Pluto observes carefully and attentively, weighing as many factors as possible, and when the time is right, it strikes, shattering what cannot easily or effectively be refactored, moving remnants where they can be part of a new pattern or structure and absorbing what cannot be refactored into itself, alchemically transforming it into something else and releasing it into some new container. In their current positions, Venus emphasizes relationships, and Pluto speaks to the factor of dominance or control. The ultimate purpose of a cycle that culminates with Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (keeping in mind that the longer cycle with this pattern repeating lasts the entire time Pluto will be in Capricorn, which will be until 2024) is the creation of a truly clean and safe container for a relationship that is focused on emotional support and nurturing – and the forceful removal and transformation of any threat to that safe and secure space. Elements between two people, or between a person and an environment, that are out of harmony and that have been ignored, side-stepped, or swept somewhere where they cannot be seen can create problems as this aspect comes together, and the question is how to deal with it in a way that both parties (represented by Venus and Pluto) can agree to. First it must be brought to the surface and isolated as exactly what it is by itself, without any glosses or associations that have been made in an attempt to comb over the problem. Then, a change should be agreed to, which ideally should a new way of doing things that helps to create a future ongoing pattern that doesn’t allow for the problem to be harbored or recreated. The pattern that should be avoided is continuously pushing what isn’t working under the surface again and again as this cycle continues over the next few years, as this will only add more energy and make the problem swell until it can no longer be easily dealt with. Use this square as a cue to restore balance somewhere, applying force where needed and appropriate, and using diplomacy and grace as a balm to heal sometimes unavoidable bruises and wounds.