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Week 7/30/2018-8/5/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Wednesday 8/1/2018 7:38:52pm Pacific – Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (2d 33m)

Degree Symbols: Mars (Sabian) – A deserter from the navy. Keyword: Defiance; Uranus (Charubel) – A double cross; two lines parallel in upright and two parallel in the horizontal

This is the second of a sequence of three Mars-Uranus squares. One of these is usually more than most of us would like because there tends to be an overflow of energy when these two planets come into any aspect, and there is no more energizing aspect than the square. Sequences of two or more of the same aspect between two planets tell a story, providing a longer window of time to learn to productively use the energy represented by the combination. The May 16, 2018 square occurred almost immediately after both planets had just moved into fixed signs – Uranus, the reformer and replacer, into earthy, sturdy Taurus, and Mars, the pusher and divider, into revolutionary Aquarius. This second square takes place two degrees later, and this time, with Mars moving retrograde or backwards through the zodiac. These are fixed signs, so we’ll see the greatest impact in areas of our lives that are already somewhat well established. We will be confronted with situations or aspects of relationships that require us to show patience and detailed planning (fixed signs), even in the face of uncertain or rapidly changing circumstances (early degrees of the signs). The difficulty presented is that Mars and Uranus want to move forward and make big changes immediately, regardless of long term ramifications which may be problematic. This may find reflection in our own frame of mind, or that of someone we’re dealing with. An alternate catch could be that quick action is necessary without the benefit of much information or time to think about the long-term picture. With this second square, we may find that we need to backtrack on a path we started trekking or a decision we made back in May, or at least recalibrate our communications and/or efforts based on circumstances that have arisen or have changed. This may be a lot of work, but it’s best to address it now and get the big stuff out of the way as quickly as possible. We may also begin to see where in our lives we are deeply resistant to change, and how we can begin to invite change where it is needed. Opening this part of ourselves up takes time and attention, and this trio of squares provides such a window of time for us. Rather than blindly reacting to the stress and misgivings that this aspect tends to carry along with it, it is helpful to simplify. Mars and Uranus desire new frontiers and fresh spaces to test out ideas and skills that are new or being given airtime after much silence or lack of use. If we can find the space and land our skills and talents there, then we will feel a surge of energy that will carry us far and free us up to try new things. If we belittle or deny this need, the energy will shift things in our lives to forcibly make room, which can take the form of surprises and opportunities as well as accidents and disagreements. A willingness to be uncomfortable and challenge the status quo where and when it’s good for us will be of aid in handling anything unseen or unconsidered that this aspect’s perfection coincides with.

Use this aspect to harness the wild energy in the air, applying it where it’s needed instead of allowing it to overwhelm you as you think about all the things you need to do and change. Acknowledge the energy, center yourself in the present moment, and move ahead with what you need to do from that centered and calm place. Cultivate a passion for meeting what’s on the horizon with open hands. Work out a timeframe if you can – the third and final square is on Tuesday 9/18/2018, so once you finish level setting, this is a good date to set a goal to help fire this energy where it needs to go.