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Week 7/23/2018-7/29/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Tuesday 7/24/2018 12:22:23pm Pacific – Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (16d 10m)

Degree Symbols: Venus (Carelli) – A splendid castle by a river, whose streams have partly been turned from their course to flow into the moat; Neptune (Charubel) – A man with two horses plowing

The current Venus-Neptune cycle began with a conjunction over a degree that emphasizes hard work and organized tasks of labor, but also clever use of resources to get tasks done efficiently. The essence of the cycle is exploring and uncovering the spiritual tools that we can use to do what we need to do on the earthly plane, and to act out of the fullest possible expression of our personalities and talents. Venus is in her own face in the opposition that now presents itself, a strong position that represents enthusiasm to generate an impeccable and near to perfect outcome and the labor that needs to be put in to get there. Neptune is a symbol for the unseen and the mysterious – the sources from which the richest and most magical creative inspirations flow. The struggle presented in the Venus-Neptune relationship is the desire to bring fantastically and elaborately beautiful things into existence, and the difficult task of figuring out what is doable and what is meant to remain an idea or ideal that will exist only in the ethers, informing and directing the physical and practical work one does. At this point, we come to a juncture where we must give solid form and structure to an idea, image, or dream if we really intend to see it through. If an idea remains too fluid, too undefined, there isn’t much we can do with it on a practical level, and this is where the tension exists in this aspect – there is so much that wants to be realized, some of it useful and much of it chaotic and liminal. This can apply to relationships too, presenting us with confusion and misunderstandings when our hopes and imaginings come into conflict with reality. Of course, there must be some room for dreams to shift and change as we go about realizing them, because as we move to manifest our dreams, our own experience and circumstances change as we go along too. So, we need to find a happy medium, and this can be aided by viewing the work we do to realize our dreams as service to a higher purpose rather than merely an end unto itself. Work with this aspect by giving solid form or at least solid outline to something you’ve been dreaming of manifesting, removing as many vagueries as possible and creating a clear, recognizable image of the desired result.


Wednesday 7/25/2018 4:35:26am – Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (2d 29m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Carelli) – A newly born lion cub, its eyes still shut; Uranus (Sabian) – Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover. Keyword: Hopefulness

Aspects between the Sun and Uranus offer the opportunity to stand out and be recognized for our flair and the special, unique intelligence that we are meant to share with the world. This is not intelligence that an IQ test can determine, but rather the distinct way that someone channels and expresses the divine through their personality. The conjunction was the last one that will occur in Aries for these two planets for many years, emphasizing action and movement aimed at gaining a better understanding of self, and going in a new direction that allows for a truer and more complete expression of self. Throughout our lives we can be compelled to express ourselves in ways that are focused on meeting the expectations of others or receiving recognition for the sake of accolades rather than the tasks of expression themselves. While doing this satisfies us partially, we may be leaving a part of ourselves in the dark that wants to step forward and be seen but is not being given an opportunity to. This is the struggle that we come to face in this Sun-Uranus square. There is a part of us that wants to break out and do something radically different and daring, but there is another part of us that is locked into patterns and ways of thinking that have become so familiar and comfortable that the new mode of expression that is sought has yet to be fully grasped. We may therefore find ourselves in situations that make us feel like we don’t know what we’re doing, because it will only be unfamiliar settings or circumstances that get us in touch with our inner genius. We may also be well served to deliberately put ourselves in situations that force us to use new skills, or apply old skills in new ways, so we can get used to the feeling of being out of our element. Now is the time to get the butterflies in the stomach out of the way, get out on stage, and get experimental in work, in play, and in relationships. Be willing to fumble, make mistakes, and feel awkward. Flow with disruption and chaos instead of resisting it, and you’ll be rewarded with a very valuable thing – glowingly fresh perspective.


Thursday 7/26/2018 10:13:13pm – Sun in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius (4d 9m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Sabian) – Rock formation at the edge of a precipice. Keyword: Endurance; Mars (Sabian) – A council of ancestors. Keyword: Antecedence

The Sun and Mars last conjoined in Leo on 7/26/2017. It is significant that this is the same degree that the Sun now occupies in opposition to Mars exactly one year later. Additionally, the day after this, Friday 7/27/2018, will be the day of the lunar eclipse during which Mars is conjunct the Moon and still opposes the Sun. The conjunction occurred in the face and bounds of Saturn and suggested a theme of work or service done to distinguish oneself or impress a person or institution of authority. It can be both rewarding and challenging to go through the tried and true means of making a name for oneself wherever it is in life that we truly crave to do so – to bring to life and to light something that is uniquely and bravely “us.” We see and usually walk, at least for a time, the path that others have discovered or followed, and we meet personalities that have felt and followed the same draw and calling that we feel, bringing us into communion with kindred spirits that can become like family. However, it is also easy to get locked into an overemphasized concern with the opinions and judgments of these others when we attempt something new. As the Sun opposes Mars here, all the movement forward we have made happen during the past year of this cycle, as well as the fruits that have come forth as a result, are laid bare for all to see. At this point, we may be tempted to slow our efforts at progressing because of a temptation to rest on our laurels. Conversely, the criticisms can be abrasive, and because of the naturally combative and contentious nature of Mars, we may be prone to overreacting to criticisms and consider taking drastic measures in blind reaction, even going as far as expressing the divisive action of Mars by cutting everyone and everything off. A good exercise to employ during this transit is to remove the emotional charge from criticisms that we give or receive, making sure that the judgments we communicate are delivered in a constructive and helpful spirit, and taking in judgments on our presentation or our work in an equally constructive spirit, even if it is delivered in a way that we receive as harsh or reprehensive. If we can do this, we can open the way for an honest and full representation of who and what we are and what we have to offer to the world.


Friday 7/27/2018 6:25:46pm – Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (19d 39m)

Degree Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – A lion whose head is the only part exposed; Pluto (Kozminsky) – A girl carrying a bowl of water into which are reflected the rays of the setting sun. All around is darkness

The last Venus-Pluto conjunction occurred in January 2018 on the same degree that this closing trine now occurs on. The conjunction promised a particularly active and multidimensional chemistry, being conjunct the Sun (very closely, only a minute away), sextile Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and square Uranus in Aries. The dynamic of the cycle is one of managing feelings of longing and desire, directing them towards a defined goal in a healthy and progressive way rather than allowing the desire to lead one by the nose in constantly changing directions that ultimately bring the seeker nowhere. With the opposition, we were given the opportunity to see coveted objects of desire as a reflection of the intimacy being received or missed in familial and romantic relationships, thereby getting closer to what we really want by challenging ourselves to express emotional care and support even in situations that put us on the defensive. This closing trine that follows on the day of the Lunar Eclipse finds Venus in the exacting face of Virgo that she rules, and in the bounds of Saturn, where we can complete and stand guard over a very well prepared and custom crafted container for who and what we desire – the relationships and accomplishments we seek to manifest in our lives. If we bring things into our lives by forcing them before the appropriate time, or before we have made room for them beside our other wants, needs and objectives, they will not stay, or they may even cause us trouble. Use this aspect to consider who and what is in your life that you deeply value emotionally and what you can do to sink into the embrace even more, keeping the enchantment, excitement, and enticement alive so that the magic stays rather than clinging to the current state and resisting unavoidable change. We must remember that change is the only constant, and to facilitate evolution for ourselves and what we hold near and dear, we must be willing to invite, celebrate, and dare the unknown.