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Week 7/16/2018-7/22/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Sunday 7/22/2018 2:20:34am Pacific – Venus in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (13d 33m)

Degree Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – A fine horse, with curved neck and flowing mane, prancing in the pride of his strength; Jupiter (Charubel) – A dove

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction that began this cycle had an air of wonder and mystery to it, with degree symbolism that spoke of both hunger and fullness, seeking as well as having – the classic image of the ouroboros, ever consuming and never quite satisfied until the cycle of becoming and dissolving is revealed for what it is, or at least what it should be – a path to conscious evolution by which we are constantly filling ourselves with what is good and enlightening for us, and removing encumbrances that cause us to tread water or even fall from grace. Now, as Venus and Jupiter behold one another clearly for the last time in this cycle, a great strength is bequeathed which can shatter any shackles or bonds, the strongest of which will always be in our own minds and hearts. Venus is in the productive and scrutinizing sign of Virgo, which is also the face of the sign that she rules. She is very helpful here because not a single detail will be missed, and where there could otherwise be a danger of missing the forest for the trees and overemphasizing the material results of our efforts, Jupiter provides the exact balance needed, providing a grand, overarching vision along with the focus needed to get to the root of faults and problems. The groundedness and dexterity of this face of Virgo is thus a good match for Jupiter in the heaviest and most extreme water sign, and while this combination will not be helpful for starting things, there is a window for sorting out and solving even the most complex of riddles. Here, we behold and reveal even the most menial tasks to be not only necessary but sacred. Perhaps we can even find solace in our failings and let go of never feeling good enough, for if we have labored hard to bring a thing of true beauty into existence – a thing of well designed form as well as impeccable function – then we have brought forth a part of ourselves that is great and noble. Use this aspect to unwind some persistent and complex problem or issue that has been troubling you, especially anything that has been keeping you from moving on to a next level or phase. Doing this will put you in a position of strength and elevation that will be optimal for the next Venus-Jupiter cycle in Sagittarius, which will not begin until January 2019 (due to the Venus retrograde later in 2018).