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Week 7/2/2018-7/8/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Thursday 7/5/2018 4:04:23am Pacific – Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio (13d 23m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) – A crab climbing up an upright iron spear, above which is a circlet of seven stars; Jupiter (Charubel) – A dove.

In the Sun-Jupiter conjunction which began this cycle, the prominent theme or story seemed to be a state of conflict (experienced either internally or externally, but rooted in the consciousness or intellect) which is mediated by the level of optimism, belief or faith held or experienced by the person experiencing that conflict. The most likely expression of this theme is a person experiencing multiple challenges and setbacks but ultimately succeeding through focused, single minded belief in success as the end result. Now, here in the closing trine, which opens a lucky Grand Trine between the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, there is far reaching perspective combined with having or soon reaching a position of strength and security in one’s most ambitious endeavors. There is a great deal of confidence in this aspect, but don’t stop at merely feeling that confidence – remind yourself of good reasons you have for feeling confident and take some sort of forward moving action to reinforce your position. The key step that can be taken here is acknowledgment of what you have been holding on to (or maybe relying on too heavily) out of a feeling of insecurity rather than need. From there, you can reconfigure that relationship or letting go of it as is appropriate. This is also a very good time to enlist the help of allies, teachers, and those who have something to contribute to your cause, as the best people for this may suddenly come out of the woodwork during this time.


Thursday 7/5/2018 4:48:18am Pacific – Mercury in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius (8d 45m)

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Sabian) – A bomb exploding in mid-air; Mars (La Volasfera) – A huge rock rent by a flash of lightning

The conjunction in Virgo between these bodies beginning this cycle in September of last year emphasizes the theme of concentrated analysis directed towards rooting out problems and insufficiencies, followed by an effort to recraft or repurpose elements that are not working. Brawn takes a back seat to brains in this dynamic, which is mostly good, but there is a strong preference for refiguring or reworking what is already there, and so decisive action to remove something old or retrieve something new is lacking. Sometimes too, of course, there are problems with more than one thing, and one must judiciously choose what is better to keep and what is better to get rid of, and that can be difficult. Now in the opposition, we have the culmination of this work. Note that Mercury is fortified in his own term and Mars is also in a Mercury term, which eases the way for this opposition to manifest, but given a square from Uranus on one end and another square from Jupiter on the other end (along with Mars being retrograde), the reflection of this aspect will be prone to overstatement and even drama. If this aspect coincides with a critical phase of a relationship or project, it may spell the identification and termination of something that needs to be done away with for continuation, or the whole endeavor may come to an end because the problem is too big or complex. However, keep in mind that this is a rather “hot headed” aspect (note the explosive symbols I’ve chosen), and you may be presented with situations that bring you quickly to anger or frustration at a time when you are not seeing the forest for the trees. With Mercury in fiery and image conscious Leo (particularly the first face of Leo which is the most image conscious set of degrees in the sign), it’s also possible that your ego or your perception of how others see you will get in the way of your common sense. It will therefore be important to make sure that any decisions you make are based in careful consideration rather than momentary emotion, and that you do not burn bridges you’d prefer to keep. Use the dynamic strength of this aspect to give scrutiny to detail (being careful to slow your pace and focus your mind when doing anything that has an element of risk), and direct your obstacle removing lasers to the elimination of what is truly problematic rather than what you may be perceiving incorrectly or blowing out of proportion.


Sunday 7/8/2018 7:41:39am Pacific – Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (16d 23m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Charubel) – An artificial globe; Neptune (Kozminsky) – A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold

As the Sun completes moves from a trine with Jupiter to a trine with Neptune, completing a magnificent Grand Trine just as Venus and Mercury have beforehand, we are made consciously aware of all kinds of possibilities for broadening our perspective and our horizons. Prospects appear excellent in general, and particularly for anything having to do with home, family, or the ways that we secure and accentuate our personal, restorative spaces. There can be a vague, murky aspect to the action of Neptune, however, and this must be kept in mind when there is a choice of one option at the expense of another. Neptune brings us to dream, and to dream big, but sometimes the dreaming is the extent of what can actually happen or be realized. Here, we need to ask ourselves – of the options available, which ones are really the best to go with, and which ones merely have the greatest allure? Also, which of our choices will serve the greater good, and which will merely prop our egos up temporarily? To find true north with this aspect, it will be effective to look at the motivations behind where we are directing our energy and then act once we have a better handle on that. A Grand Trine can bring great physical bounty, but this is essentially empty without an emotional or spiritual wholeness to accompany it. If you are able to do something selfless for a person or a cause during this trine, you will likely come upon wonderful, unexpected benefits, such as experiencing a meaningful exchange with someone, or being set on a track you never would have thought of otherwise.