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Week 6/25/2018-7/1/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Monday 6/25/2018 10:18:52am Pacific – Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio (13d 41m)

Degree Symbols: Venus (Sabian) – The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression. Keyword: Ingenuousness; Jupiter (Charubel) – A dove

Although this aspect is a square, it has much potential for constructive work. Both planets have dignity and there is reciprocity in the dignity – Venus is in her own term and in the face of Jupiter, and Jupiter in his own term. Venus is now in the middle of Leo where there is great strength and a great likelihood of victory in endeavors related to the realization and fulfillment of desire. As this aspect is with Jupiter, a conflict that may present itself is one that lies between material and immaterial desires. It is important to note that there is no hierarchy that names material desires as being superior to immaterial ones or the other way around, for matter is a reflection of spirit and vice versa. What is important is the intention behind the desire and where fulfillment of the desire will bring the individual. Will it be to a place that allows the soul to evolve and/or for creative or helpful work to be completed, or will it set the person up for more hunger and multiplication of desires that are ultimately dead ends? Here we are challenged to look at our desires directly and honestly and seek to know whether they are truly our desires or if they have their origin in someone else’s idea of how we should look, what we should be doing, or what we should be becoming. Will we be closer to living our own truth after we get this, will we be no closer, or will we be further away? From there, we can work on challenging and shifting our wants so that we are moving in the right direction.


Wednesday 6/27/2018 6:27:52am Pacific – Sun in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn (5d 51m)

Degree Symbols: Sun (Charubel) – A large tract of land mapped out and enclosed with post and rails, intended for a farm and homestead in the near future; Saturn (Kozminsky) – A traveler walking up a long forest rise, the path surrounded by dense gnarled trees. It is approaching evening, and the way is long and gloomy, but at the top can be seen a star within a wreath of fine clouds illuminating a beautiful blue sky

The Sun and Saturn naturally oppose one another by way of zodiac rulership, with the Sun ruling Leo and the hottest time of the summer and Saturn traditionally ruling Aquarius, the dead of winter. In this opposition, Saturn’s expression is direct and strong in his ruling sign, while the Sun has no dignity and therefore his expression of energy and vitality is frustrated. This cycle began with a conjunction in the very first degree of Capricorn which represents a pure, uncomplicated expression of the sign, emphasizing starting one’s climb from the bottom of the mountain and slowly, methodically working one’s way up through practical and well strategized effort. Capricorn does not move up only through one’s own effort – the strengths and the social positions that others hold are enlisted and readily put to use as stepping stones to where one wants to be. However, the time inevitably comes when we find ourselves without help, without the next stepping stone, and even where the actions or positions of others do not support us or come into conflict with our path. This is a time to acknowledge where you are with a relationship, goal or project, celebrate how far you’ve come and the successes you’ve enjoyed, and maybe even to stop and reassess what you are doing. Recalibration of relationships and connections may be necessary but now may not be the time to initiate this – take some time to plan your strategy by yourself, because communication and cooperation with others is not easy or favored. Ultimately this aspect will be best utilized by securing some alone time, working on details you may have neglected, and carefully planning your next move. You can actually get a lot of work done and effect some brilliant strategizing under this aspect if you remain in your own company, because the solar, self-expressive energy is contained and inwardly driven.


Saturday 6/30/2018 6:01:18am Pacific – Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus (1d 59m)

Degree Symbols: Mercury (La Volasfera) – A pennant or streamer, such as is used by mariners to indicate the course of the wind; Uranus (Sabian) – An electrical storm. Keyword: Transformation

These two very mental planets speed each other up and kick up the winds of the changing mind as they come into this square. However, with the signs being of the fixed modality, there is a degree of balance and restraint, with a fair amount of the racing thoughts and impressions having the potential to stay around long enough for us to harness a good many of them and file them away to be applied or further pondered (keep a recording app with you and take down notes!). Mercury is strong here when thinking about how to make a good presentation, be it through one’s body and speech or through the written word, or professional or creative workings. However, attempting to be overly intellectual, technical or wordy when presenting something (particularly brand new ideas and concepts) may cause you to lose your audience, so consider how you can make things both understandable and appealing to your audience by using known, concrete terms and metaphors that they can relate to. The energy of this aspect is highly stimulating and has a quality of unpredictability and randomness to it, so you will be best served by going with any curveballs you are thrown and seeing where they take you rather than resisting them and getting annoyed when thinks don’t go the way you expect them to. Enjoy the stimulation that happens in conversations and ensuing shenanigans, but don’t get too carried away or allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the fast, shaky pace. Take care when driving, when performing tasks that require focus and dexterity, or when completing work, as you might be moving so fast that you miss something important. Take time to slow yourself down and center yourself throughout the day.