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Week 5/27/2019-6/2/2019


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Wednesday 5/29/2019 6:22:01pm Pacific – Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (18d 35m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Parting Square – Tension and disharmony are encountered which require conflict resolution, adjustment or exploration of alternatives in order to move ahead

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Kozminsky) - A mountaineer, climbing in the darkness in a violent storm which has blown away his cloak and hat, saved from falling down a precipice by a flash of lightning; Neptune (Charubel) - A man lying in a bed, a gray dark cloud hanging over him. His chamber is also dark and gloomy. Yet the horizon looks bright.

The degree symbols of the Mercury-Neptune conjunction at 18 Pisces in April 2019 contain several images of aggression, among them jousting knights and a spider seizing a fly caught in its web. At first glance this theme is not synchronistic with the passive, dreamy nature of the sign of the fishes, but remember that the Pisces symbol is two fish bound together but attempting to swim in different directions. It is the sign of ever-changing emotion, moving, churning and changing in sympathetic response to all of creation. Mercury and Neptune have their own natural disharmony, with Mercury ruling the realm of the rational, conscious mind and Neptune having his power in the deeper subconscious, where emotion trumps reason. The conjunction is sextile to Saturn, suggesting that Mercury is trying to extract something from the subconscious realm, make sense of it, and put it to some practical use. In other words, Mercury seeks to bring order to chaos. The conjunction is also square to Jupiter and semisquare to Uranus, so the thought or the communication that is set to be brought forth will offer growth and new opportunities, but timing is everything, and without a sense of urgency, a brief opportunity may be missed. The theme of the cycle is therefore the emergence of clarity from a sea of turbulent subjectivity, offering liberation from old patterns of thinking and feeling that we have allowed to be imposed on us by our past circumstances, but only if we are willing to fight for it by working to stay awake to the alarm sounds.

In this square, both Mercury and Neptune are again in difficult aspect to both Jupiter and Uranus. Mercury is now in his ruling sign of Gemini, and in the second face of that sign, his mode of operation is the reconciling of opposites, often through volatile and unpredictable ways. As the next step in the cycle, we will have an opportunity to use the force of the focused mind to create an experience of reality that we consciously choose. This is done by seeing self generated deception and inertia for what they are – patterns of either our own faulty creation or someone else’s. Once it is seen, we have an opportunity to break away with all our might and create a new pattern of thinking that is constructive and life affirming, but we must maintain absolute steadiness of intellect at the critical moment or we will not be able to fully harness an opportunity to allow our minds greater freedom.


Thursday 5/30/2019 9:49:54am Pacific – Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (18d 36m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Parting Sextile – A crossroads of possibility as the shaping of something newly created begins in earnest; a time to recognize opportunities and to choose the best path

Degree Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – A labyrinth, situated in the heavens, and a fine silver thread suspended from it to the earth; Neptune (Kozminsky) – A sick man lying at the base of a large stone cross, a greyhound running in the distance.

Venus conjoined with Neptune in April shortly after Mercury had just completed his own conjunction with Neptune. Mercury was still close by when Venus made her pass. If Mercury’s current process with Neptune is an intellectualizing and subsequent purification of the divine chaos of the subconscious (symbolized by Neptune), Venus seeks a sensory and/or artistic reconciliation with that chaos. The second face of Pisces is where the complexity of the fabric of the universe is fully revealed, and where the inherent paradox of the ongoing and simultaneous creation and destruction of reality makes sense, but only for a fleeting moment. The changeable nature of all things can be harnessed to work in our favor, and Venus, having come upon this conjunction as Saturn and Pluto were sextile to Mercury/Neptune, began milking an ocean of universal love from the depths in order transmit it to a world where a stark choice looms not too far in the distance – transform (Pluto) or die (Saturn).

Now in a sextile to Neptune and empowered in her home sign of Taurus, a vision of heaven on Earth is offered in the fullness of the season of spring. Saturn/Pluto are now trine Venus also, imbuing her with a regenerative force that is as solid as it is far reaching. We are able to see future possibilities in clear and concrete terms under this aspect. However, using inspired vision as a temporary mental or emotional escape rather than pursuing it as a real and true possibility is a potential pitfall here. The trick is to orient ourselves towards the outcome that is the best for us and being generous and loving enough to ourselves to not only accept newly envisioned circumstances mentally, but also embodying them, feeling them as reality in our physical temples. Next, we should work to maintain the vision that we have succeeded in accessing and embodying rather than allowing it to fade quickly from memory. Beautiful visions of ourselves, of others, and of our world needn’t remain fantasies; they can help us shape our universe into the reality we long for, but we have to believe it, to will it into form. Dare to bring the dreamy beauty of the heart of the jeweled labyrinth home.


Thursday 5/30/2019 11:11:26pm Pacific – Mercury in Gemini opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius (20d 48m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Opposition – reaping of what was sown at the conjunction; manifestation and the celebration of a job completed, or conflict and disharmony due to unexpected or undesirable results

Degree Symbols: Mercury (Kozminsky) – An old man in graveyard, standing under a cypress tree, watching a form rising from a tomb; Jupiter (Carelli) – The six-pointed star, or David's seal.

Reprogramming seems to be the order of the day. When Mercury conjoined Jupiter in Sagittarius back in December 2018, the alignment offered us the opportunity to think and perceive in bigger and better terms, increasing our capacity for personal growth and an appreciation for the greater machinations of the universe. We were invited to take a step back, see what it is that we truly believe about ourselves and the role we play in the world, how those beliefs help or hinder us, and to illuminate the path ahead with that knowledge.

Now we have reached the fruition of this astral promise with Mercury now in Gemini and Jupiter still in Sagittarius, placing both planets in signs that they hold rulership over. They are both very strong, pure in the expression of what they symbolize. Thus, this opposition lends itself to cooperation, balance, and co-creation far more than it does to conflict and discord. It brings alive in us the power to clearly and confidently express ourselves at all levels of our being – to act with our bodies and minds fully engaged with our spirits, each component singing together in perfect accord and spinning a dance that is truly cosmic. Making the chemistry even more powerful is the placement of the planets right at the start of the third face of their respective signs, a liminal place that facilitates the opening of doors. The third face of Gemini eliminates ideas that are inefficient and destructive so the potency of single minded focus can be known; the third face of Sagittarius pushes physical experience to the limit so the spirit can rise and evolve.

The close of the T-Square with Neptune as Mercury advances to the Jupiter opposition gives us a moment of power to differentiate ourselves from negative and self defeating programming. Here, we can see where we have been pushing ourselves too hard for too long, exhausting ourselves needlessly on mental battlefields that do not serve us and may not even be ours. Under the auspices of this aspect, we can make a life changing shift where we are struggling to be overly clever or complicated or be anything other than what we truly are, unwind ourselves from unnecessary complexity, and simply let thought flow and then let action follow in a straight line, an arrow of fire flashing through the air with a speed and a purpose that is completely irresistible. Where do you see yourself rising to a higher level of perception and understanding in your life? Now is the time to spot the destination and go towards it without hesitation or distraction.


Friday 5/31/2019 8:26:11am Pacific – Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn (16d 46m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Parting Trine – A time of harmony and equilibrium as the finishing touches are made to bring a working to the greatest possible expression of its potential

Degree Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – A large flag on a flag-staff, fixed on the top of a very high mountain; Saturn (Sabian, M.E. Jones) – A hidden choir singing. Keyword: Worship

The conjunction between Venus and Saturn in February 2019 occurred in the second face of Capricorn, where relationships and projects of a very long duration are initiated – things that take not only patience and strategy, but also faith that the work will continue in the hands of a person or a system that we can trust when we are out of the picture for one reason or another. The combination of Venus and Saturn evokes the robust beauty of a solid and meticulously laid structure as well as the realization that some very exquisite forms of beauty are impossible without pain, discipline, asceticism, and the blunt but telling test of time. We are challenged to see beauty in hard work and appreciate the tiniest and most brief moments of true joy as if they are the greatest luxuries on Earth. Venus/Saturn were also widely conjunct Pluto and sextile Mercury/Neptune, suggesting that a deeper experience of soul evolution is part of the chemistry despite whatever is happening on the surface and that whatever the structure that is being painstakingly constructed, only a dance with the dreamy fluidity of the imagination will allow for the Otherworldly vision needed in order to pull off something so grand.

As Venus now moves to the trine position with Saturn in her home sign of Taurus, we are beginning to see the results of our labor coming together – perhaps back to something started in February 2019 or as far back as December 2017 when Venus and Saturn first conjoined in Capricorn during Saturn’s current transit of that sign. There are likely mixed feelings involved due to the long duration of time involved with what we are putting so much time and effort into. If we are keeping a positive perspective, we are noting the progress made even as the timeline may seem onerous and even impossible, and we are seeing the thing in its current state as beautiful, no matter how far it is from the desired outcome. Otherwise, we may be judging our results and our capabilities harshly and stalling ourselves in the process. This is therefore a good time to take a celebratory stance, envision again what the end goal is, and do something to spice up onerous routines a little. Where one of your long processes feels overly heavy and plodding, see how you can make one or two things lighter by doing them slightly differently. A little joy goes a long way with Venus trines, even when the trine is with Saturn. Transforming impatience into a spiritual process of deep meditation and integration is the key, starting here and intensifying as Venus continues on to the trine with Pluto on Sunday (6/2/2019). For now, shake off the inertia, say a blessing over long timelines, and try not to sweat it. Sit back and let things take the time they need to take while you vigilantly watch and guide the process as needed.


Sunday 6/2/2019 8:41:24pm Pacific – Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (22d 48m)

Dynamic Cycle Phase: Parting Trine – A time of harmony and equilibrium as the finishing touches are made to bring a working to the greatest possible expression of its potential

Degree Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – A smelting furnace; Pluto (La Volasfera) – A wineglass overturned.

The current Venus/Saturn and Venus/Pluto cycles are intimately tied up with the much longer Saturn/Pluto cycle which begins anew when those two planets conjoin in January 2020. Venus sticks people and things together. Saturn grounds, slows and restricts. Pluto breaks down and rebuilds. Venus conjoined Saturn in February 2019 in the second face of Capricorn where great things are built over a long period of time; Venus is teaching us to stick things together that are not easy to stick together. Venus then conjoined Pluto not long after, and the Pluto energy in the third face of Capricorn is intent on removing faults and impurities from what is being built so that the absolute heights can be reached, be they physical or spiritual. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction by itself is a deep and fundamental restructuring process that is already causing a core shift in many of us, but building up of energy is not something that either of these planets do by themselves; it is not in their nature. Venus is the primary energy both of them must work with in order to build something new, because this is what Venus does, she integrates things and makes a larger whole out of them. Since we haven’t gotten to the perfected conjunction between Saturn and Pluto yet, their current cycle, now coming to an end, is still in a tearing down mode, and Venus is helping them to accumulate the new energies (her own and that of the lights and other planets) that they will create a new structure with in the future. The new structure that is possible is something so solid and well built that it can help us advance tremendously in our physical and/or spiritual lives, but we have to choose to consciously partake in the process, otherwise we may end up stuck with something that we don’t want and that may not be easy to change or do away with.

Venus trine Pluto assists us in bringing fruit to bear in places in our lives or aspects of our consciousness that often lay dormant. This is our “shadow side” that surfaces when stagnation has set in and we are ready for change, or when we are not so ready for change (at least not consciously) but we need it and we need help giving it to ourselves. Venus is at the critical 22 degree of fixed sign Taurus in this trine, offering movement in the sign where the least amount of movement usually happens. Our ideas and feelings about what is safe, secure, and reliable may be challenged with this trine, but probably not in an overt or combative way. We will see threads of the process of deep transformation that is now starting in earnest and will continue over the rest of this year into January 2020. However, this will be a chance to play with that transformational energy, to access it in a pleasant and easy way and begin the design work for how we want to end up by the end of the year. Spend this Sunday envisioning and feeling in your body what upward momentum currently means to you, and how to make that happen for yourself in a fundamental, gradual easy way starting now, so you aren’t overwhelmed with sudden immense change as Saturn/Pluto continues to build steam. Decluttering so you’re a little lighter and more flexible may be the order of business. The playful element is important, and it will be good to hold onto that playful feeling even as the intensity continues to ramp up, as it surely must.