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Astrology Classes



Within the next month, I will be completing an online Beginner's Astrology course that will be made available in an online format (to be taught over GoToWebinar or Zoom) and possibly an in person format as well, either in my own space in Long Beach or somewhere else in the city. Later on I there will be an Intermediate Class and special topic classes as well.

Topics that the Beginner's Astrology course will cover will include, but will not be limited to:

- History and Philosophy of Western Astrology

- The Planets

- The Elements, Modes & Zodiac Signs

- The Houses

- Planetary Aspects

- Planetary Patterns and Aspect Configurations

- Chart Synthesis and Analysis

- Chart Case Studies

Please contact me if you are interested in the class or if you have any questions. Please also send me any and all suggestions, comments, and ideas you have regarding what you would like this class or future classes to offer, as I want to make sure that I cover all of the bases!

Watch my Newsletters and my updates on Facebook for further updates and additional details as I continue to roll this out...