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Reader's Guide - How to Interpret Aspects

As the planets, lights (Sun, Moon) and stars move, or “transit,” through the heavens, they form aspects – mathematical relationships to one another that are relative to divisions of a circle (360 degrees). Each of these has a meaning depending on the type of aspect, the objects, and the placement of the objects by sign and degree.

The full personal meaning and reflection of the aspect will occur according to where the objects in question appear in your natal chart. If you know your birthday as well as your birth time, date and location, pull up your natal chart (you can get a copy for free at this link) and look at the sign and degree placements of the transiting planets (shown in the headers of each of my aspect analyses). Then look to see what houses the transiting planets appear in, as well as which natal planetary placements form additional aspects to the transiting planets.

For example, see the two charts below. The inner chart is a natal chart. The outer chart shows the transiting planets, with the transiting Sun (representing ego) and transiting Mercury (representing the mind) conjunct in Gemini at far left center (note how the glyphs for the Sun and Mercury occupy the same position at 15 degrees 20 minutes Gemini, showing the conjunction).



In the natal chart (inner wheel), this conjunction appears in the first house, the house of one’s body and persona. Therefore, at the time of this transit and aspect, this person would experience a very focused and agile mind. They would also be full of thoughts and ideas, and might give a lot of attention and consideration to how they present themselves socially and verbally.

Note that although I give the precise day and time when the aspect between the objects “perfects” or becomes exact, the reflection of the aspect can be experienced when the objects are as close as 8 degrees. When the objects are closer, the reflection is stronger. The moment of perfection is when the reflection of the aspect in observed physical reality is most likely to be seen or noticed. With all of that said, one can consciously acknowledge and work with the aspect during a range of at least two days before and after perfection and often longer, depending on how quickly the objects are moving.

Explanations of the Major Aspects:

CONJUNCTION – Two bodies occupy the same degree (same position in the heavens). The aspect reflects a mixture of the energies of the two objects in question. This is considered the most powerful aspect, with the reflection experienced as either helpful or difficult depending on various factors.

SEXTILE – The two objects are 60 degrees apart. This aspect reflects opportunity and favorable results through action.

SQUARE – The two objects are 90 degrees apart. This aspect reflects tension, experienced either internally within oneself or externally with others.

TRINE – The two objects are 120 degrees apart. This aspect reflects ease, harmony, and luck.

OPPOSITION – The two objects are 180 degrees apart. This aspect reflects conflict and confrontation.

Explanations of the Planets/Lights:

THE SUN represents the ego - where and how we “shine” and the people and things we identify with.

THE MOON represents the private, receptive, emotional self, as well as the instincts and habits.

MERCURY represents the conscious, logical mind, and the ability to effectively transmit and communicate ideas and mental impressions.

VENUS represents the principle of relation – finding oneself in other people, places, or things. It rules the magnetic principle of attraction and the native’s object or objects of desire.

MARS represents the principle of action, movement, and aggression. It is the electric principle of attraction – how one goes about getting, and keeping, the object(s) of one's desire.

JUPITER represents the principle of growth, expansion, and projection. This planetary energy wants to reach the very limits in all things it touches, and then exceed those limits.

SATURN represents the principle of structure, control, and restriction. Saturn favors discipline and hard work, challenging us to acknowledge our limits and try to exceed the ones holding us back from what we want.

URANUS represents the group or collective conscious mind, innovation, revolution, sudden changes, rebelliousness, disruption, and separation.

NEPTUNE represents the group or collective unconscious mind, dreams, mysticism, intoxication, divine madness, confusion, and anything which is below the surface or difficult to observe and identify.

PLUTO represents the processes of death, rebirth, integration, and transformation that follow the event of one being, energy, or object forcefully merging with another.

Explanations of the Signs:

ARIES represents action, enthusiasm, confidence, pioneers, being first, forcefulness, competition, aggression.

TAURUS represents possessions, money, reliability, pleasure, comfort, wealth, stubbornness, laziness.

GEMINI represents communication, mental activity, speech, curiosity, versatility, alertness, speed, lack of long term focus.

CANCER represents emotional care, the drive to attain personal security, domesticity, intuition, passive resistance.

LEO represents strength, nobility, generosity, loyalty, optimism, the creative drive, enjoyment, and ostentation.

VIRGO represents craftsmanship, analysis, strategy, detail, thoroughness, service, criticism, and deference to caution.

LIBRA represents romance, justice, peace, companionship, cooperation, diplomacy, beauty, social life, indecision.

SCORPIO represents resourcefulness, intense dedication, sex, death, rebirth, emotional possessiveness, and vindictiveness.

SAGITTARIUS represents freedom, expansion, broad vision, hopefulness, belief, knowledge, and lack of discrimination.

CAPRICORN represents leadership, ambition, practicality, accomplishment, respectfulness, and condescension.

AQUARIUS represents humanitarianism, friendship, independence, eccentricity, originality, and lack of conventionalism.

PISCES represents compassion, sensitivity, imagination, inspiration, charitableness, and emotional mutability.

Explanations of the Houses:

THE 1st HOUSE represents the self, the body, the persona one expresses around one’s friends and lovers, and “you” in a close relationship.

THE 2nd HOUSE represents your material resources – money and moveable objects in your possession.

THE 3rd HOUSE represents communication, short/local journeys, siblings, and neighbors.

THE 4th HOUSE represents one’s domestic environment, parents (usually the mother, sometimes the father), and one’s house/home, and any land one owns.

THE 5th HOUSE represents creative endeavors, avocations, entertainment, sports, love affairs, and one’s children.

THE 6th HOUSE represents day-to-day work, physical service, students, health, diet, and pets.

THE 7th HOUSE represents close friends (and enemies), love relationships, marriage, partnerships, and one’s social drive.

THE 8th HOUSE represents other people’s material resources, taxes, sex, death, and opportunities for regeneration.

THE 9th HOUSE represents all extensive subjects (law, philosophy, religion), teachers, foreign cultures, and long and far away journeys.

THE 10th HOUSE represents one’s career, reputation, honors, recognition, public persona, parents (usually the father, sometimes the mother).

THE 11th HOUSE represents friends, social and professional acquaintances, clubs, organizations, hopes, wishes, and one’s highest ideals.

THE 12th HOUSE represents spiritual service, the subconscious, escapism, self-undoing, limits/restraints, secrets, and unknown enemies.