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Week 6/11/2018-6/17/2018


NOTE: See my guide on how to apply planetary aspects to your own experience through your natal astrology here.


Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus – Wednesday 6/13/2018 4:40:48pm Pacific Time (1d 22m)

Symbols: Mercury (Charubel) – A man in a green-house, with a watering can watering some flowering shrubs; Uranus (Charubel) – A large figure 2 comes before my vision

Mercury and Uranus meet in the parting sextile, “seeing” each other for the first time since their conjunction in Aries a month ago. Here we find a great deal of mental energy being generated in consideration of resources, both human and material. Mercury rules both thought and language, and so, when he meets Uranus, the planet of new ideas, we have an opportunity to discover new ways of communicating. In Cancer, Mercury’s communicative ability is emphasized on the emotional level. It is one thing to simply speak the words of a sentence, and another to convey tense and meaning. Consider the many different nuances a statement such as “I love you” takes on depending on the tone of the speaker’s voice and the emphasis given to each syllable. As this aspect comes together in the heavens, think about not only the content of your communications to others, but also the feeling behind those words. Sometimes we get into the habit of sharing things with people in a certain way and it becomes comfortable to us, and repetition of this pattern goes from being comfortable to being self-comforting because we are doing what we always do. In the meantime, someone might think that we are communicating boredom or disinterest, which is not our intention at all. This is a great time, therefore, to look at our routine communications and think about how we can breathe new life into them. How are we being received, and how can we make sure we are being received well not only verbally, but emotionally?


Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – Thursday 6/14/2018 8:32:38pm Pacific Time (1d 26m)

Symbols: Venus (Sabian) – A rostrum; Uranus (Sabian) – An electrical storm. Keyword: Transformation

In Leo, Venus’s expression is both sensual and bold – we are aware of the image we present to the world, and we are focused on using that image to create a desired effect, which may be something useful and productive, or something that is merely meant to prop up the ego and make us feel good about ourselves. Uranus offers both compliment and contradiction to Venus here. In Taurus, his natural, electrical ability to stand out is expressed through the practical and methodical, making that which is traditional and conventional glow with a tantalizing luster, so that we consider new and innovative ways of doing what has become normal and routine. This aspect is therefore useful in looking at where we may be emphasizing our social image too sharply, while not giving enough attention to the material results of where we are focusing that energy. It is easy to allow self-expression to become a celebration of self for the sake of it, instead of being directed at bringing people together or sharing the spotlight with an important goal or event that brings something higher and more meaningful out of us. As Venus is the significator of relationships, this can also reflect a need for novelty and excitement, and it can also invite discomfort with a lack of flexibility in a relationship. So, another way to consciously apply this aspect is go out and try or experience something new with those we hold dear, or to invite a new and vivacious element into a routine that has become stale. If there is a realistic assessment of where there is a lack of verve or joy, and the needed action is applied, the pizzazz and creativity that are hallmark of Leo will surely manifest.


Mercury in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn – Friday 6/15/2018 6:46:42pm Pacific Time (6d 42m)

Symbols: Mercury (Charubel) – I see one large, ripe, nicely-tinted apple suspended from a bough. There is but this one on the tree; Saturn (Carelli) – the Sphinx

Mercury and Saturn began this Capricorn synodic cycle in January 2018. It occurred in the term of Venus and face of Jupiter, so although Mercury’s celerity and quickly moving attention span is somewhat in conflict with Saturn’s gravity, we can expect to be able to do good things with all of these aspects without too much trouble even in the traditionally difficult aspects. In the January conjunction, there was an emphasis on the teacher-student roles and the sincere pursuit of wisdom with the purpose of applying that wisdom to management of the physical world. Conjunctions mix the attributes of planets and represent gestation. The sextile, square and trine that follow are phases of growth, shaping what is to be brought forth. If we consciously work to shape what is initiated at the conjunction throughout the process of gestation, fueling it with positive visualization and intention, we can reap the maximum benefit at the time of birth, which is the opposition. Be aware, too, that when several synodic cycles occur with the slower planet in the same sign, the process usually represents something that is manifesting piece by piece, with several phases represented by several cycles. The opposition has traditionally been seen as a difficult aspect because more often than not, something difficult was manifested, which is what is most likely to happen when any process that is left unconscious.

Here, Mercury is exploring the depths of emotional intelligence, reflecting the realization that we are not only our minds, but our hearts, and that mind and heart can be united by expressing the love and care of a nurturing parent in our dealings with others when appropriate. Saturn presents us with a different picture – the hard and highly mechanized modern public sphere that usually presents itself as an elaborate riddle that seems impossible to solve. The result is that we can feel out of our depth, utterly unprepared to handle the practical challenges that are staring us down. We may feel that our minds are not up to the task, and we may react either by trying to mentally check out or by initiating a difficult task or project without first taking the steps to mentally prepare ourselves. Where the final result is manifesting now with this aspect, be willing to give it your blessing, releasing it physically as well as mentally, acknowledging both what has been handled well and what can be improved on in future. For longer term projects hitting a phase of completion, give yourself a space of time to map out what is on your plate and contemplate a methodical approach, as well as a realistic timeframe for completion.