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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 5/28/2018-6/3/2018


Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius – Friday 6/1/2018 7:13:11am Pacific Time (5d 32m)

Symbols: Mercury (Carelli) – A book and a plumb line; Mars (La Volasfera) – An archer drawing a long bow

Mercury and Mars conjoined at the start of this synodic cycle in Virgo, one of the signs ruled by Mercury, but also a sign where busy, excitable Mars will never find an end to things to do. In this separating trine, Mercury is again in a sign he rules, this time Gemini, and Mars is also in an air sign. There is a lot of space and a lot of free-flowing movement here, allowing for quick and efficient exchange of thoughts and ideas. Mercury generates the ideas and Mars puts them into action in useful yet inventive ways. Mars reflects the strength, confidence, and follow through needed to tackle tough and complicated problems, while Mercury is the combination of intelligence and perception that allows one to identify where forward momentum is most needed.

Any mental activity is greatly favored with this aspect, with Mercury gaining focus and Mars gaining perspective. Communicative endeavors and brainstorming sessions will reap maximum benefits, and this is particularly true in analyzing multiple facets of difficult problems.

Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio – Friday 6/1/2018 7:28:27am Pacific Time (15d 32m)

Symbols: Venus (Carelli) – An eagle holding a snake in its claws; Jupiter (La Volasfera) – a cup or goblet from which rays of ruddy light are emitted

As Venus forms the first of two trines with Jupiter, a divine marriage takes place between the chthonic realm of water and vast dome of the sky, and the waters that flow forth – the waters of Cancer and Scorpio – are filled with generative potential. The seeds of sweet fruits were sown when the synodic cycle began in Scorpio. Now the lesser benefic and the greater benefic are moving closer together again, and the nourishing returns that spilled forth in the opposition when Venus was in Taurus can now be brought to market in Cancer.

Note that Venus is in the face and term of Mercury, the planet of merchants. The practicality and earthiness of Venus are both emphasized; here she carefully watches the fruits of her labors and considers how best to move them along. Jupiter provides a transformative, perhaps even volatile influence that comes from the deepest depths, and his action is more energetic, more daring. When put together in these positions, the two planets are remarkably well balanced, allowing for a vision of the current state as it really is, but also the ability to visualize everything that it can become with the right amount of attention and care.

This aspect is excellent for taking stock of our resources and how well we are managing them and putting them to use.

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces – Saturday 6/2/2018 1:25:39am Pacific Time (16d 25m)

Symbols: Venus (Charubel) – An artificial globe; Neptune (Charubel) – A man with two horses plowing

The movement of Venus now perfects the second of two trines this week, completing the very lucky and auspicious Grand Trine in the three water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Venus is a combination of cautious and productive at this degree, a valuable combination of traits that, as the symbol chosen for Venus implies, allows one to map out the path to mastering one’s internal or external universe. We see in the Neptune symbol that work is being done to fertilize the Earth, but first the barrier between the womb of the land and the land’s surface must be removed. Neptune meets Venus’s methodical concern for material progress with a willingness to dissolve anything that stands in the way between one’s wants and one’s needs.

This aspect will be well used to see what it is that is standing in the way of your progress in an endeavor and where the best path to advancement lies. Remember that physical barriers have an origin and a reflection in your own inner dynamic. Here you can flow with or around resistance with ease if you let yourself.