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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 5/21/2018-5/27/2018


Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces – Tuesday 5/22/2018 7:13:17pm Pacific Time (16d 18m)

Symbols: Mercury (Carelli) – The vision St. Thomas of Aquino had while trying to fathom the mystery of God's unity and trinity, a child trying to drain the ocean with a pitcher; Neptune (Sabian) – An Easter promenade. Keyword: Celebration

The emphasis is on solid, tangible labor in this synodic cycle, which is a concept that neither of these planets is wholly comfortable with. Both are fluid in their expressions, and more oriented to movement than to action. Mercury wants to move people, objects or ideas from one place to another, but it is the journey that is his essence rather than the goal. Neptune wants to dissolve barriers, the more the better, and delights in the chaotic mixing that occurs as a result. Mercury acts at the conscious, linear and literal level, Neptune at the symbolic and subtle. Together, the two planets represent a potentially potent force – the individual mind tapped into the vast network of the collective unconscious. The trouble with this combination is getting them to work together, as they often cannot see each other very well. Yet the energy of Taurus lends Mercury some weight and some staying power. He can pull up some of the water from that deep well that is Neptune and begin to make logical sense of it here.

This sextile is symbolic of the likelihood of being out of one’s depth and making the most of that scenario. The key to it is being able to realize when we are close to hitting that tipping point and coming away from that critical moment having gained or held on to something. In doing so, we may be able to consciously recognize a connection between what the mind is doing and how it is being pointed or shifted this way or that by the tide of collective emotion that flows underneath the surface of all human experience. Making that connection, we can then tap into and absorb a download that the mind can be productive with, yet also curb the confusion that can so easily result from the overstimulation of this combination. If we don’t keep good watch, we can easily be swept away and become profoundly distracted by a panoply of images and sensations that are not meant for us and will ultimately not take us anywhere. Observe yourself and your reactions to people and events under this transit and work to recognize and seize those moments when you touch on something that is meant for your evolution rather than your dissolution.

Mercury in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio – Tuesday 5/22/2018 10:53:41pm Pacific Time (16d 35m)

Symbols: Mercury (Kozminksy) – A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean; Jupiter (Sabian) – A Woman the father of her own child. Keyword: Nucleation

Mercury represents the logical mind, while Jupiter represents the part of us that seeks a place within the greater whole of society. Mercury finds and moves, Jupiter expands outward and integrates. In the opposition, the wizardry of this synodic cycle, initiated in Scorpio, reaches its culmination. Expression through body and speech are bolstered with an epic flourish. Attention can be given to both minute detail and the integration of the whole if these energies are consciously used to complement one another. We must, however, remember that Mercury and Jupiter rule signs that are naturally in squares and oppositions in the zodiacal circle; they truly represent opposite ends of the mental spectrum. Therefore, they can also find reflection in adversarial expression. Mercury can be the apprentice who tries things beyond his capacity, Jupiter the teacher who must keep him on a track of learning and practicing that is in line with his skills and experience. Jupiter can put huge expectations on Mercury, causing him to feel rebellious and seek distraction and escape from all of that pressure. In the fixed signs of sense experience and desire, these planets are fortunate in that they gain a lot of focus. Staying power, which is not usually the hallmark of this combination, is pronounced. If problems arise, they will probably show up in the process of changing gears and moving on to the next task when it is time to do so. Take this aspect as a cue to watch how you go about lining tasks up in the most efficient way possible to get them completed and optimize time and effort spent. Time can be well spent on streamlining the mental process we follow in completing work, minimizing frustration and maximizing output.

Sun in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius – Wednesday 5/23/2018 7:39:12pm Pacific Time (2d 54m)

Symbols: Sun (Carelli) – Orpheus, playing his lyre, moves the stones to build a town; Mars (Charubel) – A warrior in bright armor with drawn sword, pursuing a savage multitude

The current synodic cycle of the Sun and Mars began in the first face of Leo, where there is a desire for recognition of one’s uniqueness and talents and the will to do what is necessary for that recognition. Now the planets have moved on to air signs where thought and communication are emphasized. With the harmonious trine, we are at the top of our game in sharing ideas with others and coming up with new ways of sharing information. We have a window into our own mental processes as well as those of others, and we are able to use that knowledge to ignite the creative impulse and keep the spark going by applying it to the right areas of our lives. The Sun creates and energizes, Mars engages and propels forward. What gives you energy and stokes your passion to the extreme? Tap into this aspect by brainstorming on all of the ways you can give that part of your life what it needs in order to flourish. You may end up with a long list of ideas; follow up by picking out the top three and putting them into action.

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces – Friday 5/25/2018 2:52:16am Pacific Time (16d 20m)

Symbols: Jupiter (Sabian) – A Woman the father of her own child. Keyword: Nucleation; (Sabian) – An Easter promenade. Keyword: Celebration

This is a trine in water signs between planets that each have rulership over water sign Pisces. Jupiter in Scorpio beckons us to tap into hidden powers and abilities that lie below the surface of the waters of the inner landscape that we have so far been unable or unwilling to fathom. Sometimes we cannot dive into these regions alone. We need a guide, or at least the right equipment. Jupiter and Neptune both favor encounters with people or events that make us aware of new and exciting resources for finding and unlocking our greatest powers. It is often through deep and intense emotional encounters with people in our lives that we even become aware of this formidable might. There is a special alchemy that happens when two or more people join forces in realizing a common goal. Of course, the same can be said about what happens when people come into conflict. Elements are mixed, and some rise and some sink. As this aspect comes together above us in the heavens, take an opportunity to observe what is happening below the surface when you work with or against others. What in that process is working for you, and what isn’t? How can you make it better, and facilitate better chemistry? There is no better aspect than Jupiter trine Neptune to instantly manifest something, but it is necessary to know what it is you want to manifest, and who with, and in as much detail as possible.

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn – Friday 5/25/2018 6:37:44am Pacific Time (21d 2m)

Symbols: Mercury (Sabian) – White dove over troubled waters. Keyword: Guidance; Pluto (Sabian) – A spacious hall, like a museum, the walls of which are covered with symbols and hieroglyphics

This is the third and final major aspect for Mercury this week. After having touched giants Jupiter and Neptune in this gaze (planets which respectfully represent the most direct and most subtle pathways to experiencing the divine), Mercury now sets his eyes on Pluto, and this encounter is harmonious, even if not perfectly balanced. With both planets in Earth signs, the emphasis is on singular focus. The mind can go deep under the surface and get to the heart of pretty much any matter. In Taurus, Mercury, or the mind, is primarily focused on fulfilling material needs. Here we can see those needs very clearly, and determine what is nice to have, and what is wanted, as opposed to what is truly necessary. Once we’ve clearly identified that, we can go about getting what is needed and minimizing energy spent on getting the rest of the things on the list of wants. That doesn’t mean that a list of multiple desires is bad, but a new perspective on the nature and the roots of those desires allows precious energy and effort to be moved to the right places in our lives, and in the right quantity. This conscious movement is where the virtue lies in this aspect.

Venus in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn – Friday 5/25/2018 11:39:57pm Pacific Time (8d 2m)

Symbols: Venus (Carelli) – Spinning and weaving tools; spindle and loom; Saturn (Kozminsky) – A man lying half asleep in a field, a veiled figure behind him with upraised hand

Here, Venus in the sign of the mother opposes Saturn, the traditional significator of the father, who is currently in his own sign. With this aspect, we are invited to see what inner and outer tools we have crafted and cultivated to provide ourselves and others with nurturance and sustenance, and what keeps us from making the best possible use of those tools. We can find ourselves in the position of wanting and earnestly trying to give or receive love, but coming up against a wall that is either inside of ourselves or thrown up by the person we are trying to show love to. This can be incredibly frustrating and can lead us to withdraw, sometimes permanently. It is times like this when we need to take a step back and observe the mechanics at work. The resistance we feel when someone or something threatens to hit a vulnerable spot inside of us is something that we have woven and built up to begin with. The only way to dismantle it is to consider when and why we have done it, and how it has been reinforced over time. There are two invaluable tools which are always available – communication and a willingness to see where someone else is coming from. If we can gently challenge limits and also be attentive enough to step back to provide the space for walls to come down without crashing down on anybody, all of the limitless love in the world can be freely shared.