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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 5/14/2018-5/20/2018


Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus – Wednesday 5/16/2018 12:03:42am Pacific Time (0d 2m)

Symbols: Mars (Charubel) – A man standing at the junction of cross roads, not knowing which way to go.); Uranus (La Volasfera) – A woman of pleasant face, neatly attired, stands holding a sword, whose point is earthward. Her head is kissed by the meridian Sun, her face is towards the north.

Uranus’s move into Taurus, where he will remain for approximately seven years, is kicked off by a challenging square with Mars, now also in a new sign, Aquarius, of which Uranus is the modern co-ruler. Taurus is a sign that slows, seals, and solidifies. Uranus really shook up the world both physically and mentally during his time in Aries. I lean towards thinking of the Occupy movement as being the most poignant stamp of Uranus’s years in this sign, and indeed, the “We are the 99%” slogan first appeared in August 2011, which was four months after Uranus made his second ingress into Aries. The focus shifts in Taurus, with sentiments of inequality and revolution moving focusing more on proper use of natural resources and the land. The vastly uneven distribution of wealth in the world will also continue to be a rallying point for those demanding change, and the actions of those in power that relate to these topics will be increasingly visible, which is great, because that means they can be more openly challenged.

Speaking of change – Mars in Aquarius wants it, and he wants it now! Uranus feels the same, he always wants change, but the signs each planet is in speak to very different methods of bringing change about. Mars pushes, Uranus replaces. Mars in Aquarius pushes in an attempt to get things working like a finely oiled machine. Uranus in Taurus attempts to replace the broken and outmoded with fresh new growth and the slow and steady rhythm of nature. Mars works through order here, Uranus through chaos, and both are poised to move too soon, or with too much strength and not enough tact. We have a chance to be mighty fine strategists with this aspect and see clearly what needs to be kicked to the curb and what machine parts are available to build a new or better system, but dissatisfaction with the speed or the magnitude of the desired change is an equal possibility. Do your best to be aware of what can be accomplished now, see the tools at your disposal at this moment in time, and continue to work carefully and diligently. The parts will move into place at the proper time, and measured use of force is best. Put any of that restless energy that currently has nowhere to go into the Earth.

Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn – Friday 5/18/2018 9:48:40am Pacific Time (8d 25m)

Symbols: Mercury (Kozminsky) - A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking; Saturn (Charubel) – A man climbing a steep hill, a road consisting of steps; an angel form at the top giving words of cheer with a golden crown awaiting him.

As I touched on briefly in my analysis of the Mercury-Saturn square that occurred less than a month ago, the synodic cycle that began in January between Mercury and Saturn was in Capricorn. That conjunction was noteworthy in that it formed no major aspects with other planets, making its action to achieve a mental and intellectual mastery of the material world very strong in its singular focus.

The trine that now follows finds both planets with dignity – Mercury in his own term and face, and Saturn also in term degrees ruled by Mercury. In this aspect, Mercury is nearly on equal footing with Saturn, and Saturn is ready and willing to listen to the many brilliant ideas Mercury has come up with since the conjunction. The body and the mind are in a near perfect harmony with this transit, allowing for dexterity in labor that flows from the hands and very fine craftsmanship of thought and word. The mind is sharp and methodical, and it may be a bit more weighed down that its nature would prefer, but there is no sense of anything being forced too hard or demanded too strongly. There is a watchful eye, but no threat of reprimand – the watcher has the worker’s back. And so, there is freedom to move, explore, and put hands on things to get a sense of their weight and shape so they can be put to the best possible use.

The first face of Taurus emphasizes work and the pleasures of the senses that can reward those who labor hard and attentively. In the Earth signs we come to realize that results do not show up overnight as we would like them to. Everything happens in seasons and phases, and constant attention and careful planning are needed to make the most of predictable cycles. Use this transit to reinforce good work habits and to experience and remember how great it feels to work towards accomplishing something, infusing the act of work with your consciousness to the point where you become the work that is expertly and efficiently done. Champion the results and visualize more yet to come. This is also a good time to observe and study the methodical approaches of others who have walked the paths we are drawn to, and to ask them questions about what has and has not served them.

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus – Saturday 5/19/2018 10:30:04am Pacific Time (0d 13m)

Symbols: Venus (La Volasfera) – A well-fruited vine hanging upon an old wall beneath the sunshine of summer day; Uranus (Kozminsky) – A grey vapor surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly colored butterfly.

This is the final synodic cycle to begin in Aries for these two planets for a very long time. With Uranus’s sign change into Taurus, we have truly fertile space that started out with the dynamic action of fire and now steps to the steady rhythm of earth, the best of two worlds made one.

Venus facilitates mutually nourishing and supportive pairing in the first face of Cancer, thus facilitating what most would consider the ideal dynamic of any relationship. In an aspect to Uranus, the flavor of relating will be an intriguing mixture of intimacy and distance. The distance that Uranus tends to cultivate, however, does not originate from a need for protective self-preservation. Rather, the distance is meant to allow for a free amount of space which can be filled by the shared mental concepts of the relationship. This is a place where the children of the relationship – ideas – can play, interact, and be encouraged to become greater than the sum of their parts with active participation on the part of both parents. The spirit of ingenuity reaches down from the heavens into the Earth, awakening curiosity and invention. The designs of grand intelligence that flow forth breathe new life into the world, highlighting the usefulness of the odd, the taboo, and the forgotten, tweaking and reconfiguring until something truly novel takes shape. The strangest and most unlikely of couplings light the way to the Utopian futures of science fiction; paradise on Earth is possible if we cultivate fully open hearts and fully conscious minds that, when unified in purpose, leave none hungry or unfulfilled.

As the distance between Venus and Uranus grows with Venus moving further away, there is the possibility that this inventive urge remains just that – an impulse that is either ahead of its time or simply requires more cycles of exchange to take form. Don’t despair if the possibilities raised in the reflection of this transit cannot be realized immediately. Plan well for the next rendezvous with the source of inner genius, adding and adjusting ideas as they come, remembering and recording them, constantly working and playing with them. The time to realize all creations comes eventually. Work diligently towards that time.