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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 5/7/2018-5/13/2018


Monday 5/7/2018 1:52:01am Pacific Time – Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (21d 14m)

Symbols: Mercury (Sabian) - The gate to the garden of desire. Keyword: Prospect; Pluto (Charubel) - A spacious hall, like a museum, the walls of which are covered with symbols and hieroglyphics.

Quick moving and usually flighty Mercury loses little in speed and gains singular focus in Aries. The mind is on fire and ready to spur action – perhaps before the consequences of the action have been thoroughly meditated upon. Mercury here is a picture of the mind set aflame by passion. In contrast, Pluto ponders the structure of the current playing field – a thorough knowledge of its ins and outs, especially the powers and authorities behind the scenes that have brought us here. The two planets have the mood of action in common, but Mercury’s is immediate while Pluto’s is more restrained, waiting for just the right moment to strike forward. Aspects between Mercury and Pluto seek to synchronize the logical mind (perception of and exchange with “other”) with the action of merging two beings or ideas into one, an experience that thoughts and words cannot completely qualify. Mercury is a dabbler, and the energy of Pluto cannot be merely dabbled with, at least not for very long. With the opening square in these Cardinal signs, Mercury’s airy entreaties before the gate of the Underworld become demanding and violent, inspiring a mental shift before the proper time, or before the full picture is grasped or understood. This can also manifest as a miring down of the mind in the depths of details and remote possibilities that create distraction at best or paralyze with trepidation at the worst. Use this transit to unstick yourself from self-generated phantasmagoria and work to see where the mind should be focused, rather than where it may be wasting time and energy derailing your will power into dead ends.

Monday 5/7/2018 2:58:07pm Pacific Time - Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (16d 1m)

Symbols: Venus (La Volasfera) - A broken pitcher lying upon the ground with spilled fruit around it; Neptune (La Volasfera) - A man falling with upraised arms between the parting timbers of a broken bridge.

Venus showcases the beauty of intellectual pursuits in Gemini. Here, in the second face of the sign, she is particularly concerned with the relationship between polarities – good and evil, right and wrong, order and chaos. Yet in attempting to bridge the gap, she actively delights in exploring both sides of the shiny coin of reality. Neptune in Pisces and in the face of Jupiter is little help in providing focus or clarity, and if anything, he pushes Venus to even more fanciful, foggy extremes, and adds a layer of emotional multidimensionalism that is rather beyond Venus’s ability to fathom in her preference for remaining focused on the material world. The combination makes for an extreme and murky mutability which may easily find reflection in difficulty with making sensible and well-informed choices related to dealing with the dynamics of relationships, acquiring objects of pleasure, or improving the aesthetics of one’s environment. Yet there is a seed of great inspiration here if one is still and careful enough to seek it, which lies in an enhanced sensitivity relating to friends, loved ones, and the nature of one’s possessions and surroundings. The presence and movement of the spirit animating all people and things and the space between them can be tapped into if one is able to keep a healthy hold on the wild oscillation of this aspect.

Tuesday 5/8/2018 5:38:58pm Pacific Time – Sun in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio (18d 21m)

Symbols: Sun (La Volasfera): A woman, lightly clad, is lying in a field surrounded by violet-colored flowers. Jupiter (Carelli): Cerberus.

When the Sun and Jupiter came together in in October 2017 in the face of Mars, the chemistry of the conjunction was that of wizardry – the Mars-Scorpio type of wizardry, which is the art of enforcing change in accordance with a focused, forceful, and electric will. The Sun and Jupiter bring heat and movement to the still (fixed) sign of Scorpio, moving the transformative power hidden deep beneath the waters and causing them to burst forth, as the bubbling waters of a cauldron. Now that we are under the opposition, the Sun is advantageously placed in the fixed Earth sign, Taurus, where maximum manifestation of solid material objects, results, and processes can occur. Note the violet flowers in the symbol chosen for the Sun – these planets are both symbols of royalty, and together, they express the high gesture which is seen and celebrated (or condemned) by all, unable to be ignored. What needs to be done can be done in a big way, with a grand signature, so get out there, put on a show, make something happen, and enjoy it! Optimism and self-confidence abound and indeed may be overflowing from the cauldron, so take advantage of this brilliant reflection and present yourself, your works and your ideas with ample and amplified, strength and gusto. Take care also, however, to not overdo it – it is easy for people to think that you are being a braggart or that you are overstepping your position or experience, which can cause problems. The key to maximizing the reflection of this transit is to show a practical amount of restraint, staying focused on the desired results rather than the bold actions themselves.

Friday 5/11/2018 4:10:05pm Pacific Time - Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (21d 12m)

Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) - Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness; Pluto (Carelli) – A man engaged in deep spade work.

The initial conjunction in this Sun-Pluto cycle was high-powered due to a close sextile that occurred on the same day (Tuesday 1/9/2018) between this Sun-Pluto conjunction and a separate Mars-Jupiter conjunction. This is a combination of energies that is both expansive and transformational. The Sun is the primary source of heat and energy, animating and giving life to all things under the heavens. Where the Sun is, life rises up and moves forward on its path. Pluto is also a Sun, of sorts – the Sun of the Underworld, which is the unseen magma flowing beneath the surface that, when activated, bursts forth in a rain of lava that melts the surface of the earth, transfiguring it completely. The Sun rules the normal course of evolution and invites that which is evolving to find and choose a path. Essentially, the Sun’s agenda is consciousness, facilitating increasing awareness of what someone or something can become and the methods by which that goal, or goals, can be achieved. Pluto’s process has more craving, more covetousness to it. He wants to speed up the process, and will make sacrifices to allow that happen, but this can involve a process of transformation so far reaching in scope that it is comparable to the processes we know as death and rebirth.

Now, in the closing trine, both planets are in Earth signs, bringing the great treasures of the world, both known and previously undreamed of, to emerge for the taking from somewhere deep below the surface. This can take the form of what once seemed unattainable to suddenly come within our grasp, begging the question – what do I do now, since I never foresaw the possibility of receiving this? It is important to do all one can to make a wise, well contemplated decision on which fruits of the underworld to pluck and taste of, because once we do, there’s no going back – for better or for worse.

Sunday 5/13/2018 3:50:02am Pacific Time – Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries (29d 53m)

Symbol (Carelli) - A virago leading by the bridle a horse entirely covered with iron plate.

Mercury represents the individual mind, Uranus the group mind of the whole human collective. A conjunction of the two finds reflection in a synching up of one’s ideas and mental outlook with the trends currently at work in the thinking of the masses. Whether or not those trending ideas agree or disagree with the individual depends on that individual’s own disposition and proclivities. Humans are naturally social creatures, with our ability to effectively communicate our thoughts to one another being perhaps the greatest tool available to us to stay alive as a species. As such, we are greatly affected by the ideas and ways of thinking that the mass of humanity latches on to at any given time in history – perhaps more so than we would like to admit, and this will continue exponentially as we become more and more connected across the globe.

This is the last Mercury-Uranus synodic cycle that will begin in Aries for the next few decades; the next one in this sign will be in 2094. Uranus will move into Taurus just two days after this conjunction with Mercury, which will reflect a major shift. Uranus went into Aries on the day of the Tohoku earthquake and the resulting Fukushima nuclear disaster on 3/11/2011, an event which is an apt symbol for the disruption that Uranus has come to symbolize. Disruption of old, outmoded patterns, however, uncomfortable as it is, is necessary – change for the better can never happen without it. As Mercury and Uranus come together in the last degree of Aries, we should take the meeting as a cue to not allow our minds to be clouded with anger or misted over with ignorance. Instead, we should work to see the truth both within and without, finding and keeping a firm mental hold of whatever motivates us to make the world a better place. Using the masterful tool of the fixed, refined mind, we can bring our highest and most noble thoughts into action, and maybe even come up with new and ingenious ways of doing things that we’d never have considered otherwise.