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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 4/30/2018-5/6/2018


Sunday 5/6/2018 6:56:20am Pacific Time – Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (15d 59m)

Symbols: Sun (Kozminsky) - A white dove, adorned with a rose-colored ribbon to which is attached a little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine; Neptune (Sabian) - In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration

The sextile, square, and trine aspects occurring before the opposition in a synodic cycle are aspects of separation, where the energies exchanged in the conjunction continue to gestate while the two planets move apart. The furthest point of separation of the two planets, symbolized by the opposition, will yield fruit analogous to the birth of a child, allowing new forms and ideas to be made manifest in the universe. The opening sextile is charged with the feeling we get when we think about how good (or bad) it was to recently see or talk to someone, and the level of desire there is to join company again with them in the future.

Here, the Sun, filled with the promise of new life inherent in the season of Spring, “sees” Neptune in the opening sextile, the first Ptolemaic aspect after their conjunction last month when they set something into motion together. Sextiles are perhaps the lightest and most free flying of the aspects, and they are often summarized as representing opportunities. I like to think of them as friendship or courting gifts that are exchanged between the two planets in question. Sometimes we are gifted with things that are very useful and timely to us, while other times they are things we put away for later use, take back to the store for a gift exchange, or even re-gift. We are free to do what we like with the gift. The same is true of the sextile. In this sextile, the Sun is in the middle of the sign of Taurus, offering a combination of life-giving energy and earthly form that can be utilized to manifest a wide variety of creations or activities. In this position, the Sun is in the face of the Moon and the term degrees of Jupiter – a position which provides a very effective container (Moon) that can also expand and shift its shape to accommodate many purposes (Jupiter). All that is needed is the proper inspiration, and that is where Neptune comes into play, singing the Muse’s song of endless creative possibility. The exchange here is playful, perhaps even somewhat noncommittal, but it is that very free-spiritedness that allows for such a wide playing field of what can be done, and this is limited only by the strength of the imagination as well as the potency of the ideas that we choose to fish out of the ether. Neptune can also represent foggy perception, illusion and delusion, so allowing the Sun – that is, our Higher Self – to shine the light of discernment on any confusion we are experiencing can be very helpful here.

This aspect has the makings of a great meeting of the minds with a friend or lover, facilitating conversations that shine light on what makes you feel alive and happy and how you can bring more of that in. Meditation on the same can yield surprising insights. What are the wild fancies that give your life meaning right now? How can one or more of those fancies be expressed now or soon in a healthy and life affirming way? Invite yourself to bring your inner wizard or sorceress forth to work magic. Sextiles tend to be reflected in the achievement of small steps towards a larger goal, but this particular step ahead can be a giant leap if you give it the proper attention.