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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 4/23/2018-4/29/2018


Monday 4/23/2018 10:12:48PM Pacific Time - Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (20d 12m)

Symbols: Mars (Sabian) - A relay race. Keyword: Fitness; Jupiter (Carelli) - A steppe of northern America at the beginning of the eighteenth century; herds of bison and wild horses gallop on the prairie. Tribes live freely on hunting and fishing.

With the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter back in January 2018, their synodic cycle kicked off in Scorpio, a sign representative of compressed and restrained power, being held and built until the perfect time(s) for release. That time can be anywhere within the next year and a half or so and may indeed occur multiple times while this cycle plays out, but it’s important to understand the dynamic so this can be done consciously. Scorpio is an alchemical cauldron through which both of these primarily electric, outwardly driven planets are given an opportunity to turn their energies inward and use them to transform. Mars is familiar with this action as ruler of Scorpio – coming together, uniting what can and should be united, and removing and recycling what is unable to stay in the mix. Jupiter breaks up the rigid fixity of Scorpio and brings the possibility of experimentation – here, the playing field of Scorpio becomes more of a wizard’s laboratory, where we are working on alchemical combinations of two people or things in several places at once, and at the same time, we’re watching how those mixtures affect one another as each moves through their various phases of transformation. Doing things this way, we naturally are less in control because multiple things are happening at once, so it’s important to keep good records (and yes, that means write it down!) and really watch what we’re doing so we can make the small adjustments right when they are needed. Also, Jupiter may be very helpful in finding even better uses for the unwanted byproducts than Mars is. Mars mostly wants things out of the way and will put them in the easiest place, whereas Jupiter is concerned with those byproducts finding purpose and meaning wherever they end up. To summarize, these two forces coming together mean creation of something new, something big, something experimental and custom designed, that also has a great spiritual purpose and significance.

Now with the sextile, Mars is in Capricorn where he is exalted and able to create concrete and forward driven material results with the magic that has been risen and stored with Jupiter in Scorpio. Keep in mind that exalted planets tend to drastically overdo things. You can release some tremendous change and transformation into the world with this transit as there is power off of the charts, but don’t just start firing that Mars laser every which way without the focus that it needs order to manifest the greatest good. Mars and Jupiter combinations are anything if not impulsive, so don’t get carried away. Take a moment to quietly, calmly contemplate where you want this transformative energy to unfold, in in what ways, and work to keep the energy reflected in this transit focused just on those specific outcomes. THEN, once you see the results you want and expect, move the energy on to the next thing. If you can keep this nice and tight and especially linear, you can own the world today. Key concept – Advance (Mars) with a purpose (Jupiter).

Wednesday 4/25/2018 2:27:55PM Pacific Time – Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn (9d 6m)

Symbols: Mercury (Sabian) - A man teaching new forms for old symbols. Keyword: Interpretation; Saturn (Kozminksy) - A glimmering light stealing into an old armory, on the walls of which hang polished implements of war.

Mercury and Saturn began their current synodic cycle in Saturn’s natural domicile of Capricorn, where the mental faculties that Mercury represents are made slow and staid, directed by Saturn to put his wildly mutable energy into forward moving tracks directed towards singular and well defined goals. Saturn is very much in control in this dynamic, which is his preference and indeed one of his most well-known characteristics, which is good and bad for Mercury – good in that Mercury is weighed down enough for the thoughts and mental activity that he represents to bring concrete results, and bad in that there is little freedom of movement or chance for expressing the multiplicity and versatility that he is known for. We prize freedom of the mind very much in our current cultural paradigm, but there is a price to pay for freedom, which is responsibility – another classic Saturn trait. If we lack the self-control and restraint necessary to focus our minds on singular tasks and set them to completing short and long term goals, the mind will continuously seek new stimulus, regardless of the quality or depth of that stimulus. The mind’s nature is to perceive as much as it possibly can; it is the characteristics represented by the other planets that determines what the attention of the mind is put to.

Mercury squaring Saturn from ever forward moving and never stopping Aries is a completely different development of the dynamic expressed in the initial conjunction. Filled with fire, Mercury has his own focus, but that focus is on movement – anywhere forward, anywhere away from the here and now, and certainly anywhere out of the rigid mold of predictable repeated action that does result in manifestation of fine results, but at the possible cost of enjoyment and consideration of other ways of doing things, maybe even better ways. Yet there is some give on the part of Saturn – he is in the term degrees of Mercury. He is willing to put up with a little mischief from his grandson. He might even listen to and consider one or two of his ideas. Will he go along with them? Maybe. Probably not, but it’s a start.

There is a temptation to go after new and varied mental sensations and experiences with this transit, even at the cost of losing headway in big and important projects where progress really counts right now. This is best handled by consciously giving yourself a much needed mental break from wherever you are putting most of your hard and undesirable mental labor. Step back for a moment and consider how you might be able to shine a fresh perspective on things, and maybe how you can effectively rededicate yourself to what you’re trying to accomplish instead of setting yourself back because the status quo is wearing you out with boredom. Take responsibility for the possibility that you may be reinforcing that feeling of the doldrums. Remind yourself of how exciting the upcoming outcome is, and what you’ll be able to move on to after it’s done.

Generally, well understood communication will be more difficult than usual with this transit. You’ll come across as too aggressive (Mercury in Aries) or too stoic and set in your ways (Saturn in Capricorn). You’ll either measure your words too carefully or you’ll blurt out the first thing you think of saying just because it feels liberating and exciting to say it. Someone may shoot your brilliant ideas down, or you might be presented with ideas that you feel a deep resistance to. Don’t let either occurrence trip you up. Roll with it. Stay busy, work keenly, and keep your presentation balanced in face to face interactions.

Thursday 4/26/2018 4:00:07am Pacific Time – Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (21d 17m)

Symbol (Kozminsky): A hawk standing on a square black rock bathed in the rays of the rising sun.

Mars and Pluto first came together in Capricorn in this century on December 28, 2008 – a day on which two suicide bombers wreaked havoc in two unrelated events in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. While we need not focus solely on the negative manifestation of this aspect, these examples are illustrative of the high powered and dramatic activity that this combination tends to bring about. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Pluto the modern ruler. As ruler of Aries and Scorpio, Mars exhibits a dual nature that allows for expression of his energy in different but related ways. In Aries, Mars is electric, forward moving and future oriented, identifying the destination and moving towards it full steam ahead, often with little care for subtlety or strategy. In Scorpio, that determination to advance and to get to the object of desire is more magnetic, more ponderous, and framed as a drive to draw something in with the goal of achieving wholeness and completion. Nevertheless, the essential nature of Mars is to continuously move on and to seek new conquests with the goal of understanding self; he wants to conquer, but tends to lose interest after the conquering. Pluto shares that magnetic and desirous quality of Mars but takes it to the next level by seeking to completely and permanently ensconce that which is desired and to initiate a long, deep reaching process of merging two beings or elements, facilitating transformation on all levels. Mars acts as perhaps the most potent trigger for Pluto, bringing the deepest emotional complexes of human nature to the surface and arming them with a swiftly moving chariot. This ignites a desire to conquer, possess, absorb, and ultimately achieve an emotional perception and understanding of what it is for two separate beings to become one. The meaning of this experience for a seemingly mortal creature is the ultimate mystery of the union of flesh and spirit, because in normal consciousness, we are limited to a singular perception – one being in one body.

Mars is in his own term at this degree, but is also in the face of the Sun, where the seat of power over physical reality rests, providing a vantage point over the mundane as well as the subtle. Here we are in a great position to achieve a far reaching and enlightened perspective of circumstances in our lives that appear to only be able to go our way if we get pushy. And push comes to shove very quickly and easily when reflection of this transit occurs. Frustration and anger is a frequent occurrence with this transit because we are reaching beyond the limits of our singular experience, and when we don’t find the circumstances of physical reality to be supportive of our goal of achieving oneness through someone or something outside of ourselves, we are tempted to force it, or even mask a desire that cannot be met by seeking fulfillment in some other way that may be far afield from what is really wanted or needed. The key to walking with this conjunctio constructively is to realize that while the movement of physical elements is part of the process, it is not the end goal. The end goal is an emotional experience of something other than ourselves, which in turn is meant to facilitate spiritual evolution. Whether we seek and/or cultivate a positive or a negative emotional experience is entirely up to each individual. In this smaller cycle within the larger cycle, dawn has begun to break, and we can consciously choose to move deeply seated negativity and brokenness towards the light.