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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 4/16/2018-4/22/2018


Monday 4/16/2018 11:59:30PM Pacific Time - Venus 20d 58m Taurus opposition Jupiter 20d 58m Scorpio

Symbols: Venus – (Charubel) A stile (definition: an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals to climb over a fence or wall); Jupiter (La Volasfera) – A buffalo standing on an eminence pawing the ground and snorting.

The nature of the opposition aspect is facilitating integration into the universe of what was born in the preceding conjunction. Venus in her home sign manifests, and her preference is to manifest wealth and experiences of sensual pleasure. Jupiter in Scorpio is concerned with expanding the ability to manage physical reality through emotional energy, merging elements together and removing the waste or excess. The two have reception by term, and Jupiter is in both the term and face of Venus. With the Venus-Jupiter conjunction back in November 2017, the synodic cycle began with an experience of the mysteries of conception – the process by which a being, be it physical or mental, is born out of the coming together of various elements, and the movement of something into the void to maintain balance (i.e., nature abhors a vacuum). Now there is a need to reconcile that learning with the processes of physical existence. One way this aspect will likely find reflection is in pursuit of physical pleasures that ultimately fail to provide satisfaction. This can be incredibly frustrating, but sometimes we are better served by saying, “you know what, that’s OK” and letting go of the desire behind the pursuit. Otherwise, the drive to find satisfaction can multiply, becoming obsessive and even misplaced. This is a great time to analyze habits and distractions we go to regularly that, on the whole, take something away from our essence that is hard to rejuvenate or replace, slowing us down and sometimes stopping us in our tracks. We are beings in human bodies, and managing the needs and wants of our bodies takes up a lot of our time and energy. Sometimes, however, one of those “wants” takes on a life of its own, and starts yelling at us, demanding to be fed when both the “want” itself and its demands are ultimately imaginary. Here, we can work on consciously lessening or even dissolving one of those annoying voices that we have given life to. Even better, we can consider a “need” that we have not been seeing to, or one that maybe we haven’t even seen yet – something for our health, something for our hearts – and transfigure an unnecessary and draining “want” into a new and good habit that helps us be happier and more productive in the long run.

Tuesday 4/17/2018 6:03:52AM Pacific Time – Venus 21d 17m Taurus trine Pluto 21d 17m Capricorn

Symbols: Venus (La Volasfera) – A field of rich grass in which stands a tree; a swarm of bees encircle the tree; Pluto (Sabian) – A general accepting defeat gracefully. Keyword: Expediency

Venus went deep into the Underworld when she conjoined Pluto back in January 2018 – down where molten earth becomes hardened in ice and Saturn, ruler of Pluto’s current sign placement (Capricorn) cuts down all life and movement. Now in her own sign during the season of spring, she can be likened to Persephone, away from the realm of Hades and seeing to her duties of fertilizing and enlivening nature. When we have experiences of being figuratively “kidnapped” – that is, when we placed in circumstances in which we have little or no control and we have to accept that we need to let a situation run its course – sometimes we consciously or unconsciously put a little bit of ourselves somewhere in order to feel safe. The trouble is, we can forget that we put that piece of ourselves away somewhere to begin with! This is referred to in shamanic terms as “partial soul loss.” This aspect reflects a softening of hard edges and the healing of old scars and wounds. We can literally sprout the parts of ourselves that have grown weak or dormant out of the cold earth, give them energy and sustenance, and begin the process of reintegration – a process that may indeed be extended over several chapters, because Venus will have many more cycles with Pluto in Capricorn over the next few years. The sooner we start, however, the sooner we will see results. With this trine, we can see the trials and tribulations of our time spent in absence and darkness in a new light, and allow any shadows that are left to evaporate. Trials and tribulations become treasures with this aspect – treasures of experience and learning that now allow for us to have a richer and more fulfilling experience of life. Acknowledge difficult times that you have made it through and that you may still be going through, celebrate and remember what you did right, and take notes on what didn’t work or made things worse. Go out into nature, stand on the earth with your bare feet, and feel yourself coming back into yourself, just as the green world is now coming back into its own after the long sleep of winter.

Wednesday 4/18/2018 7:00:07AM Pacific Time – Sun conjunct Uranus 28d 29m Aries

Symbol (La Volasfera): A man of humble appearance, but much strength, felling a tree with an axe.

The Sun and Uranus begin their final synodic cycle starting in pioneering and impulsive Aries; the next conjunction that they will share in this sign will be in 2095. In the face of Venus and the term of Saturn, this conjunction is concerned with improving the physical world – the energy needed to animate it (the Sun) and the mental fixations of the collective human consciousness that light the many pathways to the future (Uranus). This conjunction sparks an alignment of the higher mind and the spirit, harnessing the novel and powerful ideas generated and solidified during the prior conjunctions in Aries and moving them out into the world so they can be put to practical use. When the soul is moved by an idea, a passion is experienced that is incredibly tempting to satisfy. Take note that when following this particular passion, it may be necessary for something must be left behind so that manifestation may occur. The proverbial tree must be cut down so that a bridge to the future can be built. The crucial decision that needs to be made is which tree to cut, and indeed, if there is any tree that is appropriate for the sacrifice, for if there is not, this conjoining may not trigger a physical manifestation at this time. Alternately, what is born may not be close enough or big enough to what was conceptualized, or the brainchild may be filed away in the mind for future access and use. The house in which this conjunction occurs in your chart will provide the key to understanding in what area of your life this can be consciously made to unfold in the best way for you, but the key is to bring yourself to a place where you can relax and be your true, unfiltered self and to allow your inner genius to ignite and radiate forth. What inspires you to turn new pages? What makes your mind feel alive and connected to the people and the world around you? Follow this passion consciously, with purpose and direction diligently considered, and you have an opportunity to begin a journey of invention. Or is it reinvention?