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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 2/27/2017-3/05/2017


The intensity of last week carries over into this one, with two more Mars aspects and a Venus station to retrograde in the Mars sign Aries. Both the Sun and Mercury conjoin Neptune over the course of the week, making this series of aspects a packed "first lesson" following the 2/26/2017 Solar Eclipse as far as how to manage the tension between dreaming big and staying focused.

Monday 2/27/2017 06:24:20AM Pacific – Mars 22 Aries 26' opposition Jupiter 22 Libra 26'

Mars symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Keyword: Reticence; 2) Charubel: A comet, with a very long tail, pointing towards the earth; 3) La Volasfera: A man standing with a tankard in his hand ready to drink. Two others standing apart, talking together, with averted faces.

I also looked at Carelli's interpretation of this degree - “the medical pharmaceutical emblem of the snake and the chalice, the reptile's tail being wound round the stem and its head overhanging the bowl, its cleft tongue nearly skimming the contents.” Carelli considers this to be a degree of fatality – use of the power of death for either good or ill. Also, this may be a degree of initiation.

Mars continues to remain close to Baten Kaitos, the star in the belly of Cetus the Whale/Sea Monster. When we look at Carelli's symbolism for this degree along with the conjunction with Cetus, Mars in this position is carrying a lot of power for moving from one phase of life to the next. One part of the persona is dying and another is being reborn. Such a transition is always fraught with some difficulty and an attempt to retreat into old habits, mental loops, or situations that do not serve our current path. There is a temptation to hold onto what is familiar, but some of what is so familiar and comfortable has been outgrown and needs to be released.

Jupiter symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: Chanticleer's Voice Heralds Sunrise; 2) Charubel: The clear blue sky covered with stars; 3) La Volasfera: An old man in a gown and skull cap like a doctor, surrounded by chemicals and other instruments.

The Sabian symbol and the Charubel symbol suggest a great expansion of awareness and consciousness. There is also the suggestion of wanderlust, where one's physical or mental journeys can reach farther than ever before. The La Volasfera symbol is, like Carelli's symbol for the degree that Mars is currently over, one of medical or healing imagery.

Jupiter is still close to Heze, a star in the girdle of Virgo, lending it the qualities of Mercury and Venus. Craftsmanship, the arts, and social activity is favored.

Mars opposition Jupiter encourages us to reach far, far beyond whatever boundaries or restraints we have allowed to limit our vision and our actions. There is such a strong drive with this aspect to push our way into new activities and fields of interest that there can be an inclination towards recklessness, especially with Mars being strongly placed as it is by both sign and term, making it more dominant in this aspect. Hopefully the Mars-Uranus conjunction is still fresh enough in all of our minds to heed the need for thinking before we act and consciously directing our actions, movements, and manner of interacting. This particular Mars-Jupiter opposition carries tones of healing and initiation. If all possibilities are explored, the remedy for partially understood or stubborn ailments can be understood and applied. The healing necessary for moving to the next level can be approached and handled now, but energy and effort must be carefully focused and directed.

Wednesday 03/01/2017 06:43:53PM Pacific – Sun conjunct Neptune 11 Pisces 42'

Sun/Neptune degree symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested. Keyword: Qualification; 2) Charubel: A very large disk consisting of circles of light with dark gray interspaces. These circles resemble wheels within wheels, which I find on closer examination to be spiral, all revolving; 3) La Volasfera: A truncated cone. A degree of curtailment.

The first two symbols suggest a heightening of one's perception and understanding of the unseen. The mechanics of the universe can be laid bare for us to study and contemplate. However, as the La Volasfera symbol suggests, this can only happen if we observe as through the eye of a cone or telescope – in other words, if we are able to draw back from the great chaotic chasm and put it into perspective, instead of being totally overwhelmed by it. All forms of divination and clairvoyance are, but we can also gain knowledge of how such systems work, and how they can work better for us. If you are a practitioner of these arts, do some of this work and take stock of your process, and how you may be able to improve it. This is also a good time to get a reading done, as you can increase your awareness of how to integrate the experience and how you personally can get the most out of the information made available.

The Sun and Neptune are near the Head of Hydrus (Alpha Hydri in the constellation of Hydrus, the Male Water Snake). This increases the watery essence of this aspect, increasing emotional and intuitive perception.

Sun-Neptune conjunctions are reflected by great sensitivity and a quality of porousness. The borderlines between two people, two places, and between person and place are less defined, with one blending into and mixing with the next in an unpredictable variety of colour and quality. Empathy and emotional connectedness is increased, and we are driven to intermingle with other people to such a degree that we can be tempted to take on their experiences and struggles as though they are our own. The result is that we can get a lot of truly good and helpful things done for other people, as there is nothing holding back the love and the care from flowing out from the most genuine place inside. With this being the case, it's important to observe what is happening energetically and to pare away any unneeded or inappropriate ties that may form seemingly of their own will. Note that this conjunction includes Mercury, so an advantage is that our mental experience of this transit can be clearer and more focused than it would otherwise be. Mercury rules the spoken and written word, so we also will be able to communicate this brush with the liminal more effectively in discussion, recording, and by taking it down with pen and paper. Even if you don't feel like it (and this aspect can be very isolating if you allow it to be), you will probably get a lot out of sharing your experience with others vocally right now. This is a great time to meditate on your oneness with the divine source in whatever way you choose to conceptualize that power, as the light of the sun is made liquid and able to pour into and through everything it reaches.

Thursday 03/02/2017 – Jupiter 22 Libra 11' opposition Uranus 22 Aries 11' 05:15:19PM Pacific

Jupiter symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: Chanticleer's Voice Heralds Sunrise; 2) Charubel: The clear blue sky covered with stars; 3) La Volasfera: An old man in a gown and skull cap like a doctor, surrounded by chemicals and other instruments.

Uranus symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Keyword: Reticence; 2) Charubel: A comet, with a very long tail, pointing towards the earth; 3) La Volasfera: A man standing with a tankard in his hand ready to drink. Two others standing apart, talking together, with averted faces; Carelli: The medical pharmaceutical emblem of the snake and the chalice, the reptile's tail being wound round the stem and its head overhanging the bowl, its cleft tongue nearly skimming the contents.

This aspect completes the picture that was begun with Mars conjoining Uranus and continued with Mars opposing Jupiter. All of these are planets are oriented with forward movement, and combined, they carry a very masculine force and drive. This translates to an emphasis on movement but a lack of foundation and staying power. However, Jupiter and Uranus are heavier and slower moving planets than Mars, so at this point, we can begin to allow and encourage the settling and application of all of this raw energy. Where have our adventures and enterprises taken us, and of those places, where have we shined the brightest? Where is the path headed, and does that path need to be recalibrated or better directed? As Jupiter and Uranus hit this point of tension that signifies a tug of war, something snaps, gives way, or changes, and you will find yourself in a brand new world. The change you experience may be something as simple as a limiting way of thinking about something, or something as complex and multifaceted as a relationship or the work one does. This may involve letting go of some duty or responsibility that may actually be doing you or someone else good on some level, but at the same time, it is pulling you away from something more beneficial to you in the grand scheme of things. Observe, in as detached of a way as possible, the tensions become apparent with this transit, and act in your best interests. If you began a transition or transformation that was meant to gradually phase something out of your life awhile ago, this may be the time to finally cut the chord. Embrace new opportunities and adventures that come your way, but be careful with sudden actions that have irreversible consequences. And by all means, allow yourself to feel relief and gratitude for the freedom that this aspect gives us a glimpse of. We are always free and there are always choices, but it is what we do with that freedom that defines who we are.

Friday 03/03/2017 01:10:28AM Pacific - Venus Station to Retrograde 13 Aries 8'

Venus degree symbols – Sabian Symbol: A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman. Keyword: Revelation; Charubel: Symbol: Sun rising in the south-east quarter of the heavens, a little further south than that point which the Sun occupies at the winter solstice; La Volasfera: Symbol: A man out in mid-ocean on a raft, famished and in pitiable distress.

There is a quality of isolation here, but as we can see with the Sabian symbol, there is also sexual symbolism tied to this placement. This combination of symbols is asking us to use our creative power with the greatest possible integrity.

Venus is over Alderamin (Alpha Cephei in the constellation of Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia). The name Alderamin comes from the Arabic Al-Dhira al-Yamin, meaning "the Right Arm (of the King)". Alderamin carries the influence of Jupiter and Saturn – the power of higher thought and the ability to combine it with sound judgement.

There is a queenly, royal, magnanimous quality to this Venus placement. As it happens, Venus's station point is nearly exactly 30 degrees (semi sextile) from the Sun, which symbolizes royalty. Venus retrograde challenges our ability to relate. To relate is to see oneself in others, to find common ground, and to share experiences with people on such a level that the two separate perceptions of the experience overlap, become one, and actually create something new that wasn't there before. Our normal methods of relating to other people and creating those combined experiences do not work the same for us as they usually do, and we may find that we feel unsatisfied and even isolated in situations where we are normally very aware of and connected to other people or to our environment. In attempting to beautify ourselves or our surroundings, we may feel like we simply can't get it quite right. This is a good time to allow our concepts of beauty and harmony to evolve, and consider why certain sensations and stimuli bring us happiness and pleasure and if they are actually inspiring us or if they are just bad habits that aren't really going anywhere. With Venus stationing in Aries, spend some time alone and pour copious amounts of self-love upon yourself, as now more than ever, you are able to discover within you the qualities of whoever or whatever would serve to complete you.

Saturday 03/04/2017 03:09:55AM Pacific – Mercury conjunct Neptune 11 Pisces 48'

The Mercury-Neptune conjunction has the same degree symbols and fixed star conjunction as the above Sun-Neptune conjunction.

Mercury rules communication, and Neptune rules dissolution. When they conjoin, there is great potential for dissolving anything limiting or holding back the flow of speech or ideas. Where the Sun-Neptune conjunction usually reflects an inner awakening and movement of energy, the Mercury-Neptune conjunction allows us to give voice, word and/or image to the experience of divine union. If you consciously tap into this aspect, you will be able to communicate a much wider palette of mental, emotional, and spiritual experience. However, since Neptune represents a place of subliminal chaos where everything is mixed and blended, what you are able to communicate may not make much linear sense at all. This is not a problem in the worlds of art, philosophy, and spiritual fulfillment, but this aspect is less favorable in more practical arenas. Misunderstandings can abound, so make sure you are being perfectly clear and that your perception is as clear as possible before having serious discussions. The line between thought and fantasy is thin; pay extra attention to what is being said and what is happening. If you can hang on to reason and clarity, this is a very fruitful transit for unique expression of the whole range of human experience, both seen and unseen.

Sunday 03/05/2017 12:45:29PM Pacific – Mars 26 Aries 59' trine Saturn 26 Sagittarius 59'

Mars symbols – Sabian Symbol: Lost opportunity regained in the imagination. Keyword: Reformulation; Charubel: A man in a garden, pruning some trees; La Volasfera: A man, richly attired, having lost his foothold, is falling to the ground.

The Mars symbols are indicative of cultivation and fine tuning. The La Volasfera symbol suggests that we refrain from getting cocky when things appear to be going according to plan, as this will cause us to miss details that would be spotted if we were showing more care.

Mars is conjunct Al Pherg (Eta Piscium in the constellation of Pisces). This star has the influence of Jupiter and Saturn, providing both drive and diligence.

Saturn symbols – Sabian Symbol: A sculptor. Keyword: Immortalization; Charubel: Symbol: A beautiful star of the color and size of the planet Venus, situated about 50 deg from the mid-heaven; it shines brighter and brighter, then suddenly disappears; La Volasfera: A man beneath the paw of a lion rampant.

The Saturn degree symbolism favors artistry and attention to detail, but with the La Volasfera symbol we are reminded that “the devil is in the details” and that we need to guard from being consumed by the need for perfection.

Mars trine Saturn tends to be a well balanced aspect, even though these two planets are the traditional malefics. The wild, impulsive nature of Mars, ever pushing forward without regard for the consequences, is reined in by the slower, more careful and ponderous character of Saturn. Working with the physical world will be highly effective – you are able to shape things in the exact way you want to. Much work can be completed under this aspect, particularly work on tasks that one would consider tedious and more time consuming than enjoyable. Minute detail can be observed and worked with, and as long as energy is being expended towards a task and being put to good work, it will take a long time for it to run out. Anything you've been putting off doing or completing because you know it will take forever can be approached and handled more quickly and effectively now, because you'll be able to concentrate on it completely. Watch yourself during this transit, as it can educate you on the various elements (physical, mental, emotional) that help you to be the most productive and get the most amount of work done in the shortest time.