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PLANETARY ASPECTS Week 2/20/2017-2/26/2017


Last week ended with a Mercury-Mars sextile. Mercury-Mars aspects are about translating thoughts and ideas into action. This week, we have both Mercury and Mars forming aspects to several outer planets, which will serve to further define and refine mental constructs, while also offering an opportunity to release excess energy and tension in healthy, productive ways. Top this off with a Solar Eclipse on Sunday and we have a busy, rapid fire week that can be used to let go of physical and mental hang ups and really push through to what it is we want to manifest.

Monday 02/20/2017 - Mercury 21AQ45 sextile Uranus 21AR45 8:01:21PM Pacific

Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Nashira in the tail of the constellation Capricorn, a good luck star which has the influence of Jupiter and Saturn and provides a boon for thinking and writing on scholarly subjects, particularly politics, law and religion. Research and use of written mediums will do extra well during this time.

Mercury degree symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A Rug Is Placed On The Floor Of A Nursery To Allow Children To Play In Comfort And Warmth; 2) Charubel: A lady with rounded features; fair skin, hair between auburn and brown, deep blue eyes; she is busy at her toilet; 3) La Volasfera: A raging bull stamping upon body of a dog.

It is interesting that these three seemingly different images actually represent the three great transitory phases of human experience – birth, coming of age, and death. Mercury's placement here calls upon us to take stock of all of our past experience, as well as how we conceptualize our future, and how those perceptions inform and influence our current way of thinking.

Uranus is conjunct Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti) in the constellation Cetus, the whale. The Arabic that the star's name is derived from means “the whale's belly.” This star has the influence of Saturn, but the more unrefined vibration of the planet, in which one is striving and striving but is seeing nothing or very little materialize from efforts expended.

Uranus degree symbols - 1) Sabian Symbol: The Gate To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires; 2) Charubel: A place of amusement with music, dancing, and singing on the program. A very large ball-room; 3) La Volasfera: A man of tottering and uncertain gait, carrying water which he spills on the ground.

The Uranus fixed star conjunction and the degree symbols suggest great potential, but also withdrawing or holding back. Why might this be? Where is the bottleneck?

Mercury and Uranus in sextile suggests opportunities for generating brilliant ideas. Ultimately, the combination of these two planetary energies is one of sifting through a great abundance of possibilities and figuring out which ones are the very best. At this point we're not necessarily concerned with what is most practical or most likely to succeed. Instead, the ticket here is what idea or concept is going to do the most amount of good. What is rolling around in your head that is the absolute best fit for the people around you in need, and the current set of circumstances at hand? Let the ideas flow! Write them down to help organize and solidify.

Wednesday 02/22/2017 – Mars 18AR37 square Pluto 18CP37 01:02:30AM Pacific

Mars symbols - 1) Sabian Symbol: The "Magic Carpet" Of Oriental Imagery; 2) Charubel: A country site at the foot of a mountain, with many small dwellings thereon. There are coal-pits in the locality. A poor woman is nursing a baby; she is weeping, having just been made a widow; 3) La Volasfera: An old man, dressed in a simple and much worn gown, carrying two bags of gold clasped at his breast with nervous hands.

There is both chthonic and celestial imagery, suggesting the mobilization or ascension of that which is repressed or buried.

Pluto is conjunct the star Sheliak in the constellation Lyra (the Lyre). The constellation has obvious musical associations, and by extension of that, it may have a Mercury-Venus influence.

Pluto symbols: 1) Sabian Symbol: A Five-Year-Old Child Carrying A Bag Filled With Groceries; 2) Charubel: A coal pit, the machinery at a stand still, the whole of the plant in a dilapidated condition; 3) La Volasfera: A rocky eminence in the midst of a turbulent sea.

The Pluto symbols suggest many resources at hand, but perhaps too many, and not enough hands to juggle them all and use them effectively.

Mars square Pluto represents an excess of energy that must be given a channel to express itself. Work hard, as hard as you can, to complete something that really means something to you, even if it's something small in comparison to other things currently happening in your life. Spending some money to acquire any missing resources that you need is also suggested. What's paramount is application of energy, and birthing something out of some crowded realm in your psyche that needs some space. Dispelling negative energy through art, particularly sound (vocalization or music) will be helpful.

Wednesday 02/22/2017 – Mercury 22AQ46 trine Jupiter 22LI46 10:27:03AM Pacific

Mercury symbols - 1) Sabian Symbol: A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws. Keyword: Aptitude; 2) Charubel: Three men in a boat, two on one side, one on the other; 3) La Volasfera: A beaver at work upon a tree overhanging a gorge.

The Mercury symbols suggest in influences of versatility and constructiveness.

Mercury is closest to Kitalpha (Alpha Equulei in the constellation of Equuleus, the Foal). The constellation emphasizes socializing, friendship, and love of travel, but can also represent excessive pleasure seeking.

Jupiter symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: Chanticleer's Voice Heralds Sunrise; 2) Charubel: The clear blue sky covered with stars; 3) La Volasfera: An old man in a gown and skull cap like a doctor, surrounded by chemical and other instruments.

Jupiter is conjunct Heze, a star in the girdle of Virgo. These stars have the influence of Mercury and Venus.

There is a lot of mental energy in this aspect. Many things that can be solidly conceptualized in the mind's eye can be fleshed out and realized. You will get a lot out of any storytelling (books, media) that takes you outside of the here and now, so if you do take anything like this in, make sure to record or take note of any inspiration you receive or imagery that sticks with you, as you will likely be able to do much with it later. Instead of getting lost in escapism or indulgence, use those impulses to help you create what you want to create. Guard against allowing the potential nervousness and scatteredness of this aspect to unground you.

Thursday 02/23/2017 – Mercury 26AQ25 sextile Saturn 26SA25 01:44:57PM Pacific

Mercury symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets. Keyword: Tradition; 2) Cherubel: A Standard-bearer; 3) La Volasfera: A stately mansion surrounded by trees in an expanse of pastureland.

The Mercury symbols invoke conservatism, foundation and tradition – things that fast footed Mercury is fine with recognizing as the place from which we came (the point of origin), and as a place to move things to and from, but definitely not somewhere we want to stay indefinitely. Where are we spending an excess of our time because it's comfortable and known, and is it a problem?

Saturn symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A Sculptor At His Work; 2) Cherubel: A beautiful star of the color and size of the planet Venus, situated about 50 deg from the mid-heaven; it shines brighter and brighter, then suddenly disappear; 3) La Volasfera: A man beneath the paw of a lion rampant.

These symbols are suggestive of the artistic call of the muse. When we try too hard to harness divine inspiration, it can elude us. We can also talk ourselves into thinking that it will never come. The trick is to wait patiently for it, fill ourselves with longing for it, and then seize it and act upon it when the gift is finally bestowed.

Saturn is conjunct Sargas (Theta Scorpii in the upper tail of the constellation of Scorpius). These stars may confer leadership as well as athletic and healing ability.

Mercury sextile Saturn allows for the possibility of really seeing where we are and what we have right now, with no frills or tinsel attached. If we don't know where we stand now, we can't have any idea of where we're headed. Once this is accomplished, we can look on to the destination. When planning a journey in the wild, packing one's bag and taking account of resources can be the difference between life and death. What's in the bag? What's just dead weight that is better left behind, or replaced with something lighter and more conducive to movement? With the Mercury-Uranus sextile we throw any/all ideas on the drawing board; with the Mercury-Saturn sextile, we want to start paring down on what the most overall practical and doable choices are.

Sunday 02/26/2017 – Solar Eclipse (New Moon) 08PI12 06:58:18AM Pacific

Eclipse Symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Outdistancing His Rivals; 2) Charubel: A deep red star, a star of the first magnitude, on the ascendant; but a very short interval elapses between its rising and its setting. But when set, I see a pale golden light succeeding; 3) La Volasfera: An old man with a pack upon his back and a long staff in his hand walking down a hill.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct the star Seat (Pi Aquilae in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle). The original Arabic means "The Lucky Star of Hidden Things" or "The Lucky Star of Hiding Places.” Aquila has the influence of Mars and Jupiter – passion, will power, knowledge of alchemy and chemistry, and the ability to research and root out information.

Solar Eclipses spell the beginning of a new six month cycle. Mercury and Neptune are in close proximity to the Sun/Moon conjunction, and are also in the sign of Pisces, lending their celerity and mutability. The positive side of this is that a lot of what we do and experience will have an air of magic and fascination. Things will not just be things, but instead symbols of higher concepts, rich with depth and possibility. On the flip side, this eclipse period will also be characterized by a great number of images and a ton of information being proliferated, but with it, a fog may be cast over what is being disseminated. We will have to take extra care to be sure we are aware of the facts, and that the sources of information we are presented with are trustworthy. In turn, we will all need to consider how we may be keeping ourselves in a fog of our own making, limiting visibility and clarity of thought. Why and how are we doing this? How can we imagine and dream usefully and constructively, without becoming ensnared in blind fantasy, avoidance and denial? How can we remain as perfectly balanced as possible between all of the universes we inhabit as human and spiritual beings, being their medium instead of being overrun by them?

Sunday 02/26/2017 – Mars conjunct Uranus 22AR00 04:19:22PM Pacific

Mars symbols – 1) Sabian Symbol: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Keyword: Reticence; 2) Charubel: A comet, with a very long tail, pointing towards the earth; 3) La Volasfera: A man standing with a tankard in his hand ready to drink. Two others standing apart, talking together, with averted faces.

There is a play here between that which is revealed and that which is concealed.

Mars/Uranus are conjunct Baten Kaitos, “the belly of the whale” in the constellation Cetus. Again, there is a suggestion of something buried, swallowed, or concealed.

Mars and Uranus conjunct often represent the expelling or propulsion of a great force. However, as we can see in both the Sabian symbol and with the conjunction with Baten Kaitos, in this case it seems like the effect will likely be more personalized and internalized that it would otherwise be. There is an ongoing revolution (that which revolves) built into nature which causes various elements to exchange statuses of concealment and revelation. As mortal beings, we can only handle so much information, and often only in a logical, linear way. If we are able to focus very intently on whatever it is that we want revealed to us, be it of our own nature or the nature of the world that we have created for ourselves, this is the time when it can happen. Spend some time meditating on what you want to know. By way of doing this, you may instead come to understand what is standing between you and the absolute focus that is needed to achieve this knowledge, and once you know what that is, you can work on dissolving it.