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The philosophy of modern Western astrology is that time flows not only in infinite quantity, but also in constantly varying degrees of quality. The Hermetic dictum "As Above, So Below" has been interpreted to mean that the movements of the heavens are a reflection of everything that unfolds on Earth.

I take a progressive and self-empowering view of astrology. In my opinion, astrology is a symbolic language representing the dance between energy and matter, between spirit and manifestation. It is a way of observing patterns of movement in this reality that cannot otherwise be explained, and that indeed may have an immaterial origin, the nature of which can only be speculated on. Nevertheless, the patterns are there, and as such, they can be applied to the study of nearly every sphere of the human experience - from the personal level of individual behavior and motivation to the global level of politics and economics. Perhaps the greatest gift of astrology is the ability to identify the different facets of consciousness - those parts of ourselves which are easily and harmoniously expressed, as well as the parts of ourselves that are not so easy to give voice to, or sometimes to even comprehend. We can then use that knowledge to optimize self expression, and reduce, circumvent, or make peace with whatever it is that holds us back. Each of us has a tremendous capacity to shape and transform our personal and collective realities. Astrology reveals what you have in your personal toolbox, and how you can best apply those tools - consciously and intelligently - in a complimentary way.

This powerful and age old interpretive art can help you evolve in whatever way you wish, to whatever degree you wish. The questions I pose to you are: How deep would you like to go? How much of yourself do you want to explore? Whichever road you prefer, I would be honored to be your guide and your companion on this adventure.

PLEASE NOTE: Exact birth date, time and location are preferred, but there is some work we can do together using only your birth date. If you are unsure of your exact birth time but are able to provide some additional information, I can rectify a chart for you with an estimated birth time - please inform me by e-mail if you are interested in this service.

For all written interpretation services, you will receive an electronic copy of the report by e-mail in .doc format, and a printed copy will be mailed to the address you provide to me via your intake form.

Consultations may occur in person, over the phone, online over Zoom, or in a question/answer format through e-mail. All live consultations will be recorded and made available to you.

Consultations may stand alone from any of the written chart services I offer, which are listed further down on this page. Please note that consultations, if scheduled by themselves, will not include the extensive written material that comes with the written chart services (though I will provide you with notes outlining the topics we discuss).


Phone Number: (562) 606-6963

Skype: dilloncarlyonastrologer

For payment, I accept payment via cash (in person only), check (in person or by mail), or over the internet (credit/debit/direct fund transfer) through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. We can discuss other arrangements for payment if you require an alternative.

My current offerings are listed below (last updated on 1/4/2019):



I offer a free 15 minute Discovery Session over the phone or online. In the Discovery Session, we review your current narrative, questions you have, and what it is that you would to change or improve, and I will provide some introductory insights from an overview of your astrology. From here, we can discuss ideas and possibilities for additional work together.

NOTE: the Discovery Session works best if I am able to receive your birth data in advance of the session.



Have you started thinking about your fitness goals for 2019? Remember that it’s all connected - make your mental and spiritual fitness a priority by getting your 2019 astrology thoroughly reviewed by yours truly! We’ll look at your progressed charts, return charts and transits so you know when the big energy flows will be happening, and make decisions accordingly. I’ll also help you identify the major themes and life lessons at play, and work with you to maximize your awareness of how these processes are playing out in your life, facilitating growth on all levels.

Get your reading before the 1/20/2019 lunar eclipse, which (as you’ll read in my soon to be released write up) will set off some next level transformation for all of us! How will it be revealed in your life? How will you access it and make the most of it?

For all of January 2019 – get a 90 minute astrology reading and a 10-13 page companion report, including a personalized 2019 eclipse add-on report (both January 2019 and July eclipses), sliding scale $80-$100. Message me if you want to start 2019 off right!



This is a one hour recorded session (in person, phone or online) covering any one of the following:

a. Review of one or more questions/topics, including predictive analysis (if applicable). Examples: What's next for me in my career? What is a good career for me? When am I likely to meet a romantic interest again? How can I deepen or restore intimacy in my relationship? How should I move forward on achieving this/that short or long term goal? Why don't I have the energy or motivation to get things done that are important to me?

b. Natal Chart Introductory Overview - Planets and Lunar Nodes. This is a good option for beginning to understand your natal chart so you can determine what areas of the chart you would like to learn more about and/or do more work with.

c. Review a single planet or aspect configuration in natal chart. Examples: Saturn Analysis (very useful for uncovering the root of one's deepest fears and how to overcome them); Sun/Moon relationship in chart (useful for clearly identifying vital desires and needs and how to meet them). If you are interested in this option, let me know and I can provide you with a full list of suggested items, as it is very long!

d. Review of the factors surrounding a future event, either one already scheduled or one that you would like to identify a good window of time in which to schedule it. Examples: What is a good day/timeframe for scheduling my wedding? When should I schedule this important social gathering for? How should I prepare for this upcoming meeting?

NOTE: You will receive a recording of your session. This offering does not include a post session written analysis, although I will provide a list of key points discussed upon request.

Cost: $90 to $110 Sliding Scale



Detailed 10-13 page written analysis of any of items A through D discussed above, including one follow up question by e-mail after you've read the analysis. NOTE: This does not include a live recorded in person, phone or online session.

Cost: $90 to $110 Sliding Scale



The one hour Astro Reading with the 10-13 page written analysis (both items above).

Cost: $180 to $220 Sliding Scale



In addition to discussion of any of the Astro Report items A through D listed above, the Earth-Sky Alignment Packages cover the astrology of the span of time surrounding two birthdays (Solar Returns) and what you can do to consciously align yourself with the energies represented by the astrology. It is very good to schedule these sessions on/around your birthday so you can get an idea of how best to flow with the energies of the timeframe analyzed, but they are excellent anytime in order to consciously approach the next 12-24 months of your life.

All Earth Sky Alignment Packages include:

- live recorded session in person, by phone or online
- interactive discussions of analysis in each session
- one Earth Sky Alignment guided meditation per session (planetary transit attunement)
- 10-13 page written report covering the details of my 24 month analysis
- follow up call(s) before the analyzed planetary transit(s) occur
- one follow up question by e-mail per session

NOTE: these sessions are customizable depending on your individual needs. Please discuss with me further if you would like additional options.

Package 1: 90 Minute Session - $300 (Sliding Scale Available)

In addition to the items listed above, this package includes your choice of one of the following:
- Solar Return mantras (chants from either the Western or Vedic traditions)
- Solar Return guided meditation
- Solar Return yoga asana & mudra sequence

Package 2: Two 90 Minute Sessions - $500 (Sliding Scale Available)

Session 1 includes your choice of:
- Solar Return mantras (chants)
- Solar Return guided meditation

Session 2 includes the Solar Return yoga asana & mudra sequence

Package 3: Three 90 Minute Sessions - $700 (Sliding Scale Available)

Session 1 includes the Solar Return guided meditation
Session 2 includes the Solar Return mantras (chants)
Session 3 includes the Solar Return yoga asana & mudra sequence



Modern western astrology offers a unique method of analyzing an individual's overall makeup - likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and correspondingly, what that individual is likely to manifest or draw into his/her life. Such an analysis was once only available to kings, queens, and the higher echelons of society. Let me make you the king or queen of your personal universe by illuminating your sky with a professional, detailed analysis of the planetary placements and configurations in effect at the time and place of your birth, and what they reflect. This is a very personalized and one of a kind report, unlike what you will get from most online astrology services.

The Natal Chart Report includes: Sun-Moon-Ascendant blend; Sign, House, Degree, and Aspect interpretations for the luminaries and planets; Aspect Configurations; Lunar Nodes; Major Asteroids; Midpoint Analysis; Secondary Progressions; and more!

35-40 page Natal Chart Report - $1000 (Sliding Scale Available)

35-40 page Natal Chart Report & Two Hour Live Recorded Session - $1200 (Sliding Scale Available)



This package is a great choice for someone who wants to gain both an informational and experiential understanding of their natal chart. Nine sessions are included, starting with one two hour kick off session and followed by eight 90 minute sessions. In the first session, we review your current narrative and discuss the Sun in your natal chart. Following are seven sessions which include a detailed analysis and deep dive into each of the single traditional points/planets in astrology - The Ascendant, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each session includes exercises and meditations designed to help you not only understand but fully embody each of these facets of Self. The final session brings it all together with a discussion of the natal chart as a whole. If you are interested in this offering, please contact me and I will arrange time with you to discuss all of the features.



This package includes 12 90 minute live sessions a year, up to 30 total 30 minute phone calls, 30 Q&A e-mails, and more! Please contact me if you would like more information.