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11/3/2014 Blog - MERCURY RETRO-PLAGUE (but they're not all bad!)

One hour astrology reading plus a one hour Usui Reiki session for $108 (a $130 value!) Or a package of 3 of these for $300 (a $360 value!) BOOK NOW!

Niche Explorer Report - There are many, many tools in astrology to help you figure out how to reap maximum gratification and productivity in this life. There are hosts of different paths in front of each of us all of the time, all promising a slightly different mixture of enticement and contest. As if this weren't a complicated enough picture, the paths that we have walked for many years are constantly transfiguring, turning from a confidently trod path to a perplexing labyrinth in the flip of an eyelash. The Niche Explorer Report offers to help make sense of where you've been, where you are now, and what's ahead regarding making a living, fully expressing your inner poet and artist, and taking part in activities that evoke a deep sense of fulfillment for you personally, regardless of anyone else's idea of "success." Let's look at the roadmap together and take stock of the wondrous exploits ahead which are the story of your adventure! BOOK NOW!

30 Page Report with 1 Hour Reading - $120

30 Page Report with set of three 1 Hour Readings - $250 (a $300 value!)

30 Page Report by itself - $90