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One hour astrology reading plus a one hour massage for $119 (a $140 value!) Or a package of 3 of these for $340 (a $420 value!) BOOK NOW!


New Chart Service - Mars and Pluto Cycles

Mars and Pluto are two sides of the same coin of desire. Mars is electric and is the vehicle we use to break inertia and move towards what our need to complete ourselves. Pluto is magnetic, drawing what we desire to us with the pull of a black hole, integrating it into our personal universe, sometimes changing us forever. This report looks at how these two planets work to complement one another in your natal chart, as well as how their energies develop by secondary progression. From there, the transits of Mars and Pluto across the lifetime are analyzed, highlighting key dates and periods when these planets are active, maximizing your ability to consciously wield these powerful tranformative energies. BOOK NOW!


Readings at Traveling Aadhi Cafe and The Gateway Books and Gifts

Come and meet with me for readings by donation at Traveling Aadhi Cafe at Yogalution Movement and Ayurveda in Long Beach every other Friday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm! Click above for dates.

You can also meet me for a reading at The Gateway Books and Gifts every Saturday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in Santa Monica!